Mitsubishi Bassara Phoenix UltraLite Driver Shaft

Mitsubishi Bassara P UltraLite Driver Shaft

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas


In 2013, Mitsubishi Rayon began the introduction of shafts that are available only from Authorized Mitsubishi ClubFitters. The UltraLight Bassara Phoenix released in 2014, is the third such shaft.. The color is dramatic, a burnt orange with a clear coat finish. The bend profile is a perfect match to the KuroKage Proto TINI, the first of the fitter only shafts. That profile is one of my favorites for a well trained swing. TINI stands for Titanium Nickel Wire. It was first use in the Ultralight Bassara “G” series shafts. It is now being added to many shafts. It is a high elastic material that can stretch and immediately regain its original shape. In addition to storing and releasing energy, it stabilizes the shaft tip.

TINI_illustrationTip stability results in tight dispersion. A consistent loss of stiffness makes this profile easy to load and many find it adds dramatic distance to their drives. The KuroKage Proto TINI is only available in 5 models ranging from 60S to 70XX. The Bassara Phoenix completes the range, starting with a  30 gram L flex and ascending to a 59 gram TS flex.


The radial consistency is excellent, averaging 99.4% with a 0.3% standard deviation. If we look for similar designs in iron shafts, the KBS Tour is the closest bend profile design. Both have a consistent loss of stiffness from butt to tip, Near the tip, the stiffness increases to stablize the head during impact. With such designs, tipping will actually remove some of the tip stiffness. With the Bassara Phoenix, if you want more stiffness, get a heavier, stiffer shaft. Tipping is not recommended for this shaft. Alignment of the Phoenix is not necessary nor will it be beneficial. The radial consistency of the Phoenix makes it excellent for rotating hosels.
Bassaras_EiGjA comparison of the current Bassara UltraLight models shows the Phoenix and the Wyvern to be quite similar. The Phoenix profile indicates a little more launch. The Phoenix is modeled after the ilima profile. In fitting after fitting, I put more ilima’s into fairways metals than all other shafts combined. The 53TS Bassara Phoenix is a great shaft if you are looking to build an ultralight fairway.

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  • Gerard DESLOGES

    Hi Sir ,

    I have a lot of pleasure with the Bassara shaft 55 HI S Flex mounted on my Titleist 913 F 19 degrees wood.

    I am looking for the same friendly profile for my TM SLDR 12 degrees driver.

    I am 60 years old , 1.70m 78 kg 5 Hcp golfer.
    My driver swingspeed is about 103 Mph.
    Distance about 250-260 yards
    Moderate tempo and light draw trajectory.
    I love to feel the shaft charged during the smooth transfer.

    What can you suggest for my driver ?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards

    Gerard Desloges

    • DevotedGolfer

      I do not know exactly which Bassara you have in your Titlesit Fairway. It is not listed on the Titleist site. And not seeing your swing, it is impossible for me to know which shaft will work for you and feel right. You might look into the 50 gram X flex Diamana’s and Fubuki shafts. Given your swing speed and distance, this is where I would start if you came to me for a fitting However, there are 5 or 6 profiles available in this weight and flex, so it is impossible to know which one will work best for you.

  • Gerard DESLOGES

    Hi Russ ,

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    I am french , living in Paris , so It is impossible for me to have a fitting with you.

    I love Golf Shaft Reviews but I feel a little lost in France !

    Mitsubishi told me that If I liked the feel and performance of that Made for Titleist Bassara W-Series shaft then the Kuro Kage Red 50 S-flex would work great for me.
    Best regards

    • DevotedGolfer

      I have a new associate in France. And we are in the process of translating. In categories choose French Translation. I am behind in creating an author page for Herve. It is coming, you are now a little less lost.

  • Gerard DESLOGES

    Thank you very much Russ
    I believe there is a lot to do in France
    It was a great pleasure to contact you
    Best wishes