Nippon N.S.Pro Regio Formula Driver Shaft Review

NIPPON N.S.PRO Regio Formula

By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

NSPro_Regio_Formula_ Image.fw

The Nippon N.S.Pro MODUS3 Tour 120 irons shaft has become one of Nippon’s best sellers.  The design is unique. And that design has now been used in a driver shaft. It is different enough that I cannot comment without testing it.  My first look was with a model that was too soft. Stay tuned, there will be more testing soon.

The closest Ei match is the Graphite Design TourAD DI and the Mitsubishi Series G Ultralight. The Modus Tour 120 profile was uniquely different and has become one of my favorite shafts for low single digit handicap players. When and where it fits, dispersion tightens. The graphic below may look a little bumpy.  These are single shafts profiles, not the averages typically seen in other reviews. The radial quality of this shaft is excellent, The consistency of the bend profile signatures are as good as it gets.

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  • Shacco

    When will we see the full review of this shaft? Very
    interested especially in the lightweight class (55 stiff).

    • DevotedGolfer

      LOL. I asked myself that question yesterday as I looked at the bundle of them standing in my office. I need to find a good hi 80’s low 90’s ball striker to test it.

      • Shacco

        Hope you will find someone to test it out soon.

  • jason

    Russ, I bagged the NS PRO Modus3 120 TX this spring and it was a match made in heaven and took my game to new heights or perhaps low is the correct term here. I have looked at the profiles you provided of the 120TX and the Regio and see they are similar. I know it might be difficult to determine but given my dramatic success with the modus3 120 series in steel do you think it would also translate into success with the Regio in the driver? With respect to my swing I have tried everything out there with respect to driver/fairway shafts. I currently have a Fujikura Fiton! Pro95X in my driver, and fairway woods (this includes a (7 and 9 wood). I do much better with heavier shafts and the flex profile of the 95 just fits my swing I guess. Unfortunately they don’t make it anymore and I have to watch the bay for pulls. Oh and my swingspeed is avg 107 and with a very late release. Also do you stock the Regio?

    • DevotedGolfer

      I do have the Regio’s. And still have good intentions to get out and get them fully tested. I agree with you, the Modus3 120 is a great shaft and I have had nothing but happy golfers that I have fit into it. That requires that I carve out the time to get the Regio Formula tested. At 107 with a late release you are going to need the stiffer versions of the Regio Formula. I tried the 55 earlier in the year and It was much to soft for my 98 mph swing.

  • Shacco

    Any news on the testing of these shafts? Would be very interested in your thoughts. My SS is similar to yours, Russ, but I like the feel of the 55S very much. The perceived kick is very strong without being uncontrolled. And the shaft is not kicking from the tip, it is more the mid/butt section feelwise.

    • DevotedGolfer

      I live and operate in Dallas Fort Worth. Good intentions to range test a number of shafts last week got put on hold. We are now waiting for the ice to melt. As soon as we can see the ground again I will be out on the range testing.

  • Rick Emerson

    Russ, were you ever able to adequately test these shafts. I was custom fit for the modus 3 120’s in my irons and I have been playing them for over 2 years. They are my favorite iron shafts ever and If what works in irons works for Driver too I want to try it. If I am currently fit into Modus 3 120 X flex in my Irons and when I have been fit for Driver in the past I have been prescribed a heavier shaft. Does that mean that a Regio 75X would work in my Driver?

    • I never did get them properly tested. They still have tips on them and are in the fitting kit. I will try to get to them soon. It is spring and the fitting season is keeping me busy.