Nippon N.S.Pro Golf Shaft Review


By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

NIPPONSHAFT650NHK Spring Co. LTD.’s automotive value-spring alloy served as the genesis of a revolution in the golf shaft industry. When Nippon Shaft’s N.S. PRO 950GH came to market in 1999, it was the first consistently-made sub-100 gram steel shaft in the world. Light weight steel shafts allow some players to increase their swing speeds and thereby adding distance. All Nippon Shaft products are “constant weighted,” meaning that every iron in a set, from 3-iron to pitching wedge weighs the same. Tour Professionals play constant weight iron shafts almost exclusively. There is no good reason the rest of us should do otherwise.

“Constant weighting is a Nippon Shaft specialty,” says Hiro Fukuda of Nippon Shaft USA. “It doesn’t make sense to have a 3-iron that weighs more than your pitching wedge. The pros want a constant weight throughout their set for consistency.” I could not agree more. As my knowledge of golf shafts evolved, I stopped using parallel blanks and have never gone back to them.

NipponShaftsProductionNippon Shaft developed proprietary golf shaft materials and specialized heat-treatment production processes resulting in high performance golf shafts that have great feel, consistency and performance. These productions lines raised the bar on steel shaft quality and consistency. Shaft to shaft linear consistency in a set is excellent, creating sets of matched bend profiles well beyond what can be achieved by frequency matching parallel blanks. The N.S.Pro family of steel shafts can be installed in any orientation, the redial consistency is excellent

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  • RTA

    Hi Russ,

    I would love to see the profiles of the Super Peening shafts added to these profiles. How much do they differ from the other N.S. Pro profiles? I would think that the torque numbers would be lower from the peening process, but I really wonder how the bend profiles compare to the more common xxx0 series. Thanks for a wonderful site with great information based upon empirical data, not just subjective opinion.

    • DevotedGolfer


      The Super Peening shafts are not high on the to do list. Perhaps some day I will get to everything, but I have not finished the shafts that arrived last week and two more boxes arrived today. And in those boxes were shaft that will release to the public in September and October, including the shaft used to win the Scottish open last week. So, stay tuned as I try to balance my time between the legacy shafts and the shafts that are hot out of the tour vans.

      • RTA

        Fair enough. Thanks for the reply!

    • Some of the Super Peening shafts have been reviewed.

  • Seth Brown

    One question: are the stiffness factors of the 950s related to graphite or True Temper steel? Example: TT Lite R300.

    • DevotedGolfer

      I have started putting data charts in the driver reviews. Your comment reminded me that I did not do that in the early days of this site. Early days at this point meaning 90 days ago. I measure stiffness now with a deflection instrument, and have been putting up numbers in pounds. It seems like a rational way to evaluate butt stiffness, if butt stiffness has meaning. That is subject to some debate. Rather than R,S, X, 6.1, 7.4, 8.2, etc, decimal pounds. Measured at a specific beam length with a specific procedure for deflection. I don’t have all the Nippon’s on the shelf that would enable me to go back into the database as do this. But it is on the to do list.

      More specifically to your question. The butt stiffness of the NPPro950S is similar to the TT GS95 R300 and the TT DynamicGold SL R300. However each of these is going to feel and play differently because of the low mid and tip profiles. In Graphite, the profiles are so, so different than steel I don’t even know how to begin answering your question.

  • radar34

    Re N S Pro 950 GH
    Can I put a 4 iron shaft into a PW?
    How much to tip?

    • DevotedGolfer

      There is nothing to stop you from doing that, but one typically does not soft step 7 steps. I often use 7 or 8 iron shafts, one flex stiffer than the golfers iron shafts in wedges. This creates the same profile at shafts marketed as ‘spinners’. If the shaft you have is a taper, you are limited in how much can be trimmed, usually less than 1/2 inch. If its parallel, you can trim about 4-5″ on Nippons, You can check this with a caliper. A 4i shaft in a wedge is going to be quite soft. I would not recommend doing this.

  • Liberty Apples

    Just curious. Does anyone know what the GH stands for in NS Pro 850 GH?

    • DevotedGolfer

      I missed this questions earlier and just saw it now. I asked Nippon’s USA distributor for the answer, his reply:

      Hi Russ,
      In Japan, several common terms used in a round of golf are actually English vocabulary. It is a normal Japanese expression for a Japanese golfer to say, “Good Shot!” or Good Hit!” to their playing partner.
      950GH = “950 Good Hit!”

      Best regards, Mark

      Mark J. Pekarek- Director-Americas Shaftology Centers- Authorized Nippon Shaft Installation
      245 W. Roosevelt Road
      Bldg 3, Suite 19
      West Chicago, IL 60185 USA

  • JB1917

    I was fit for AP2 714s with Nippon 1050GH stiff shafts. However, I’m having trouble locating a cheap set of 1050s. Could you recommend a shaft with a similar weight and profile? Thanks

    • DevotedGolfer

      Find the real thing. I looked at the profiles of other shafts in the weight range.The closest that I could see was the KBS Tour 90. Close, but there are subtle differences in the bend profiles. I have had a lot of success fitting the 1050’s it is a great design in its weight class.

  • Travis

    I am interested in Getting some Nippon Shafts. I have Nike Pro Combo CB X100 shafts. I am looking for a lighter Iron/shaft. Any recommendations on the 950 vs 1050? I am a 7 ghin and looking to get some speedblades I think.

    I think I am just going to a Stiff shaft this go -around.



  • Matt

    I was fitted two years ago using the Mizuno Swing Optimiser. Ended up with the 950 stiff in a set of AP1s. Unfortunately it resulted in a very high, sometimes ballooning, flight which drops short. I was recently refitted the same way and it suggested the 1150 stiffs. prefer the feel of heavier shafts (have a second set of blades with s300s), but am nervous about the 1150s because of past experience. Do you have any comments? Are high ball flights something that NS Pro’s generally have?

    Thanks, Matt.

    • DevotedGolfer

      Weight, stiffness and bend profile all interact. And it is different for different golfers. You have discovered this through buy and try. I have access to a lot of technical fitting aids, including the Mizuno Optimizer. My go to fitting aid is radar that lets me see both head path and ball flight. Second is my eyes and feedback from the golfer I am working with. If you are overpowering a shaft, it might result in higher than desired ball flight. With many shafts I have adjusted a golfers ball flight up or down by changing stiffness or hard/soft stepping.
      Get a demo or a Mizuno fitting club on a range and test it before you buy anything. Then you will know how your swing reacts to weight and/or stiffness. I can hit almost anything, but it requires a swing adjustment. Too heavy, I have to fire my hips harder than my natural tendency to flatten my plane in the impact zone. You are looking at a 20g jump from the 950 to the 1150 as well as a significant change in bend profile. That is significant. Your S300’s are another 20g. Which weight range is your comfort level? Which weight range produces the most consistent ball striking with the least effort? That is the first cut, then look at profiles. Speed alone will not define this, its a dynamic issue that involves strength and style.
      If you don’t have access to a fully equipped fitter, buy a 6i head and some shafts and get out on the range and begin the discovery process. When you find your sole mate, invest in your next set. Until then, play your S300 set. S300’s to 950’s, hum…… Probably not a path I would have taken.

  • Tracy

    Hi Russ

    The Mizuno optimiser fits me for Nippon 1150GH stiff. I have until now been playing 950GH regs (but have been told by a few people they are too soft/light for me). My 6i swing speed in 80mph, driver 92mph. The Mizuno optimiser gave me a rating of 5-2-6-4. I play off 4.

    Despite the fitting, I actually prefer the feel of the 1150GH Reg to the 1150GH Stiff, although it is verging on the whippy side of things which makes me think there might be a bit of unwanted dispersion at times (but the stiff feels NQR – too hard to load?).

    Can you tell me how the 1150GH Reg would compare in feel to the 1050GH Stiff ?

    I can’t find any direct comparisons of these two shafts online. According to the Nippon website these two shafts have very similar weights (111.5 vs 109.5), identical torques (1.8) and very similar balances (51.6% vs 53%).

    Unfortunately I can’t access 1050GH Stiff to demo anywhere, but obviously am wondering if this would be a better shaft for me than the 1150GH Reg (reducing the whippiness, but at a good weight level for me).

    • DevotedGolfer

      the 1150 and the 950 are really different shafts. Our speeds are similar and I played the 999’s for several years. They are a mixed set of 1050’s in the short irons and 950’s in the longer irons with a dark finish. I played them in S.

      You can get some indication of how the 1150 will feel compared to the 1050 and 950 by looking at the stiffness numbers in the charts above. But, that will not tell the whole story. The 1150 has a stiff butt. And, while I have fit many, many golfers into the 950’s and 1050’s, I have fit very few into the 1150. That might be a fitters phenomena of getting familiar with a product and going back to it because it was successful in the past. I try to be careful about that, but, if something works…. well,… it happens. And the 950 – 1050 work for many.

      You should view the 950/1050 as a continuation of the same shaft. The 1050 is just a little heavier than the 950 and with weight comes stiffness. In most shafts you have to read the weight and flex as a pair. Heavier S is also stiffer S. In the 1050, the butts section is slightly stiffer than in the 950, but otherwise they are very similar.

      If I seem to be ignoring the 1150 it is because it is a very different shaft. If you are play well with the 950 I would not make a significant change to my gear. Not seeing your swing it is hard to make a recommendation. But generally, if you have a smooth transition at the top of your swing and a smooth acceleration I would stay with the 950/1050. And while I am a Mizuno top 100 fitter, I use FlightScope radar not the optimizer for fitting so I cannot relate to your numbers. I really should use it more.

      Buy and try is a difficult way to determine if what is your best fit. If you do not have access to a fully equipped Nippon fitter, buy a few identical 6i heads and get them shafted with the 950S and the 1050S and see how they compare to what you are now playing. Investing if a few 6i heads and shafts is less expensive than a reshafting a set only to find out you don’t like it. And, you will have those heads for future experiments. If you cannot accomplish this on your own, contact me privately. I have racks of 6i heads from prior years models that I use for just such tests with my clients.

      • Tracy

        Hi Russ

        Thanks so much for such a detailed and considered response. That helps.

        I wasn’t playing particularly well with the 950regs, which is the reason for exploring other options. A golf coach told me the shafts were too light for my swing – and I was gobsmacked when trying heavier shaft irons (from friends’ sets) just how much more I could ‘feel’ what was going on during my swing.

        I hit the 1150reg in direct comparison to the 950stiff and preferred the 1150, but that could just be because I think the 950 is simply too light and the club feels lost to me during the swing. I’d love to try the 1050, but unfortunately that isn’t really an option. Being in australia means that access to club heads, shafts, fitting arrangements and club-building is either non-existent or becomes extortionately expensive. Thanks for your offer to help with 6i heads though – really appreciate it!

  • gg78

    Ive been using Ns pro 950 reg for many years now . Think they are fine but im not sure if i should try a SR or S. I swing my 7 iron in mid 90s. Is there any noticeable difference in R SR and S in the NS 950’s?

    • DevotedGolfer

      That’s interesting, you swing a 7 iron at the speed most golfers swing their driver and you are asking if you should be using something stiffer than a 95 gram R flex shaft. You should be hearing the chucking on my end of this conversation. You must have a very slow ramp and steady ramp on your acceleration. Go find a fitter and test something a little stiffer to see how it feels.
      Still chucking :-)))

      • Nathyn Roache

        little post revival, been playing the 950GH-R for a couple seasons now and despite knowing they spin and launch way too high for me the performance aint all that bad for a guy who swings his long irons over 100mph. Not sure why anyone would chuckle about the flex vs swing weight since we all know its a feeling thing and the torque on steel shafts is only different by a small margin. I swing x-100’s just the same, with lower flights but the dispersion is the same. Just food for thought. (fyi iron swing speed around 105)

        • JR

          Nathyn, in my 40 years of experience, I have never seen a player with your clubhead speed not improve their consistency with stiffer iron shafts. Just the deflection at impact on anything other than a perfect strike will put you off the green on one side or the other. Get fitted by a reputable club fitter. You will start scoring better. Not chuckling at all here, just a smirk.

          • Nathyn Roache

            I actually just got back from a fitting last week and the fitter put me in project X PXi. He had a good laugh at the shafts in clubs but was confused how I learned to hit them despite my swing characteristics. Regardless with the slightly stiffer profile in the PXi 5.5 we added improved distance by almost 20 yards but dispersion remained the same. Seems like I have an affinity for controlling shots, regardless of the shaft. Have to say the project X line was a lot nicer and had control qualities I would expect from a heavier shaft. Just thought I’d reply and let you know the fitter thought the same way you did lol. $500 later I got some better shafts for my game.


          • Nathyn Roache

            also would like to comment and say that in 40 years you should have figured out that with a set of players irons you should expect offline shots on mishits lol. I don’t play cavity backs, I don’t play game improvement clubs. If I hit the toe, it actually matters… no matter what shaft I am using. Mishits don’t happen very often but when they do the direction suffers with a set of blades… this goes without saying. Shaft has nothing to do with left and right for myself, only height and spin.

  • gg78

    Sorry I mean Russ re last comment

  • Bjørn Engseth

    I have a set of Titleist AP2’s with NSPro105T Stiff shafts. My 6 iron shaft snapped. I am having difficulties finding a replacement shaft.

    Do you know if the 1050 GH is a good option to fit in my 6 iron?

    (Same weight, but I don’t know if the profile for the two shafts are fairly similar).


  • CV2014

    Hi, I really appreciate the discussion and am trying to figure out a few things.
    Can you tell me the difference between the Nippon NS Pro 1150 and the Nippon NS 1100. I’m shopping for new irons and Mizuon lists the NS Pro 950 and 1150 while Callaway lists the NS 1100?

    Also I currently play AP2 with the NSP Pro 970 stiff flex and as similar to others the Mizuno shaft analyzer recommended the NS Pro 1150 or KBS Tour S (soft stepped). Any comments? Or Suggestions?
    Thanks a lot!

    • DevotedGolfer

      There are a lot of variations made for the gear companies, too many for me to stay up with although I do try. I am going to have to make some calls to see what can be learned about the 1100 and the 970.

      Generally, the Nippon 850 – 1050 are the same profile. They get heavier by the numbers and stiffness is a function of both the weight and the letter. Meaning, a 1050 S is both heavier and stiffer than a 950 S. The 1150 has a stiffer butt section. In my experience, I have fit many more into 1050’s than the 1150’s.

      NS1150 or KBS Tour S. Wow, those are two really different shafts. The overall stiffness is close but how they get there is quite different. The 1150 goes from stiff butt to soft mid while the KBS Tour is the opposite, soft butt to hard mid. When I speak of shafts this way, realize these are relative terms, an attempt to use words to describe the shape of a line on a graph. My guess is you will like one and not the other and the only way to learn which is good for you it to hit them, in succession, one ball with one, one with the other. And focus on how you feel them load. The design of the KBS Tour is much like the Nippon 1050 not the 1150. A third ‘flavor’ in this weight range is the KBS CTaper Lite.

      • Dthunder

        Nippon Pro 1150GH Tour Stiff vs KBS Tour C-taper lite X stiff. Looks like all most The same profil.
        I game The nippon stiff and I Think about changing to c-taper lite X stiff

  • Kal

    As someone who was recently fitted for the 950GH in regular flex, would the 850GH in stiff flex be a similar alternative in a lighter shaft? I prefer a lighter shaft but it wasn’t available for my club head to try. I did like the feel of the 950GH in regular flex, though. Thank you.

    • DevotedGolfer

      The last two weeks have been busy, sorry I did not see this until now.
      Yes, the 850S and the 950R are very similar. With the weight of the 850 being close to 10 grams lighter. Stiffness is close. You might try the 850’s in you long irons and leave the 950’s in the short irons. Then you will not be giving up any control on the short end of the bag and getting a little help on the longer end from the shot height of the lighter, softer irons and perhaps a little extra speed from the weight reductions.

  • EKSS

    How does the 1150 compare to the Modus 120 and 130?

    • DevotedGolfer

      Oops, missed this.
      The 1150 is not at all like the Modus 120 or 130. But, interesting that I found this question when I did, they are a softer version of the just released Modus 125

  • Dthunder

    Nippon Pro 1150GH Tour Stiff vs KBS Tour C-taper lite X stiff. Looks like all most the same profil??
    I game The above Nippon stiff and I think about changing to c-taper lite X stiff.
    Andy thoughts?

    • DevotedGolfer

      They are quite different. The butt section of the 1150 is uniquely stiff.

  • Dad wholuvsgolf

    Can you tell me about the Nippon NS Pro ~1040GH. I cant find those any where. I just bought a set of Cleveland Black Irons and they come with the 1040GH stiff shaft. How
    do they compare to the 1050GH. Are the 1040GH available to buy? Please advise.

    • I would guess the 1040 is a version of the 1050 but I will have to call Nippon to verify. The 1050 is a great shaft at a weight the works well for the average golfer.

  • Ty Woodruff

    Maybe silly question…not even sure if the irons I’m wondering about are still legal. Anyway…I have an old set of Adams Asssault irons (probably from somewhere around 1999-2000) that are still one of my favorites to look at. They have Adams graphite VMI Supershaft 7.0 flex, 1″ over. I would like to switch to a steel shaft, something close to the generic “stiff regular” flex, and wondering if the 850GH would be a good choice. Also curious how that shaft choice would affect weighting…with the graphite, they seem a bit light to me. Maybe 950GH would be a better choice? Thank you for any help and suggestions you can offer!

    • DevotedGolfer

      I do not know the head or shaft you are asking about. The latest in light weight steel from Nippon is the Zelos7 or Zelos8. I just put the Zelos8 into my system and have not had a chance to hit it. I did test the Zelos7 when it first came out and was impressed with the stability. The 8 is just a heavier stiffer version. Look at the reviews of those shafts elsewhere on this site. They are both what might be called mid soft compared to the 950 which has a firmer midsection.

  • Bruce

    I am a 5 handicap playing with Taylormade tour preferred cb irons with KBS tour R shafts. My iron swing speed is 78-80 . I have noticed that ball flights are lower with the CB’s than my old Mizunos especially with 4,5, and 6 iron. Recently I was fitted for Mizuno 850 forged irons.. We went through a number of shafts , including my current KBS Tour R, using a 6 iron until we got a decent launch angle of 18 degrees with the NSPro1150 R shaft. This shaft produced a lot more carry but had the same distance. I really like my cb’;s and wonder if I can reproduce the same higher ball flight if I put the 115o shafts in them

    • DevotedGolfer

      What model Mizunos, what are the lofts of the two sets. Look there first.

      You bring up an interesting point about irons, carry vs distance. For me the objective is to get all carry and little if any roll with irons. I want drop and stop iron flights. In fact in my game, I only want my driver to roll, every other club, including my woods is designed to produce little to no roll. I WANT to aim at pins not the front of greens. And if I cannot reach a green, I want a full wedge rather than a pitch so I will pick the iron that will leave me a full swing wedge shot. Now I can play two very accurate shots without gambling on a ball rolling someplace foul.

      You brought up a very interesting issue, one that I have only recently begun to investigate. Flighting within sets of iron shafts. It is a lot of work, because in the past I followed the lead of others who had created shaft profiling systems and only measured 6 irons. Now I have come to realize I need to measure 3 irons and wedges. That means I have to get review samples of a lot of 3i and W shafts. UGH.

      I just looked at the 1150 vs the KBS tours from this perspective. The 1150 is flighted, the KBS tour is not. The 1150 6i and 3i are very close to the same profile. The W is a much lower launch design resembling the KBS tour. Thanks for your question and your observation. Based on what I can see, the 1150 will not launch much higher in the short irons than what you have.

  • David

    I’m a 55 year old 5 handicap golfer and was looking at purchasing a set of Srizon z 745 irons. They either come with a true temper DG 300 shafts or NS pro 950 GH. My swing speed is in the mid nineties do you have a recommendation I know what you think would be best for me.

    • DevotedGolfer

      This is not a lot of shaft choices. Your swing speed is in the mid ninties with a 6i or a driver. If you answer 6i I would not be looking at either of those shafts.

  • James Stock

    In regards to the zelos 7. I have an 11 year old competitive junior player that tried these out in a cut down 6 iron regular flex. He hit them fine but I’m not sure if they’re the right choice because he has a very quick transition. His swing speed with a 6 iron is 71 mph and 84 with a driver. His driver carries about 190-200 yards total 220 yards. 6 iron carries about 135 yards total about 145 yards. He is 58 inches and 80lbs. Wondering if the zelos 7 is a good choice or is there a better option?

  • Thomas James Johnston

    Playing custom fitted CB 775,S With NS PRO 100 STIFF Shafts ,Custom fitting no longer an option due to location and the round trip to costly , like the feel and weight but now looking to change my clubs

    • It sounds like the 100 gram range shafts work for you. If that is the case stay in that weight range. I just looked at other shafts in the weight range and cannot find anything with the same bend profile with that weight. Stay with Nippons if they are working.

  • Rok Ajarid

    I have a 100mph swing speed with driver and avergae carry of 240-250 yards. i play stiff flex. in my irons i have dynamic gold s300 shafts they are fine and launch low but i tested out some ns pro950 gh and they felt really good. very powerful trajectory and improved distance. i played with them once before when i forgot my clubs and had to rent a set and remember that i played really well with the rental titleist irons with ns pro regular shafts. what can i expect if i move from the dg s300 to ns pro? my gut feeling is that my iron game will improve tremendously..thanks

    • It is hard to say how you will react over a long time with a significant change in iron shaft weight and flex. Softer generally ‘feels’ good. You should test an iron before you make the change. If you do not have access to a fitter with Nippon shafts, pick up a single 6i head somewhere and put the NSPro 950S or X in it and take it to the course with you. Compare the distance and dispersion with your S300.

  • janet lu

    my 16 years old daughter has 712 AP2 with steel Nippon NS Pro 970 for my 5,6,7,8,9 irons.she just chamged her coach 3 weeks ago and he noticed that the shaffs are probablytoo heavy bec when she has downswing she always has a tendency to lay off. and he suggests her to try NP 950 shaff or graphites…what is the differemce and what are the good things?

    • It is so difficult to make a recommendation without seeing your daughter swing. If you are looking to lose some weight and retain the stability of steel I would be looking at the Nippon Zelos or the KBS 560 or 580. Heavy clubs are not good for a developing junior. They create bad swing habits and can cause wrist and or tendon injuries, especially in young women whose bones have not fully calcified.

  • Al

    I just went through a Trackman fitting session with Srixon 545/745. I plan on blending a set. I wanted to go with Nippon 950 or 1050. Unfortunately only 950 in fitting cart. I am 60. 6-8hcp. Currently play ping i15 with ping CFS steel shaft in S flex and cushion insert. Have always liked how they felt. Also have set of AP2 with KBS tour with soft stepped S flex. They feel fine to me. My 6 iron swing speed 80-82. Driver in low 90s. Am concerned 950 may be a tad light although I like the idea of a bit more swing speed/distance. But there is also less shock absorption and perhaps less feel with lighter shaft which slants me toward 1050. I am more of a picker and do not have a terribly long back swing. My transition iwould likely be in the moderate range. Any thoughts on what might suit me best and wether I can comfortably just bump up to 1050 S flex.
    Also I have a Mack Daddy PM grind 56* with DG wedge shaft which I love. Srixon oddly does not make a gap. I figured I needed about a 50* Gap wedge. What shaft should a place in it? I have a MD2 tour 52*/10* which I thought of having bent to 50* but I would appreciate your thoughts.
    Thank you so much for providing such a useful and interesting forum.

    • That is too much information to read, but like all fitting issues, not enough to tell you what the perfect fit will be. Weight is a very important fitting parameter. And sometimes the proper fit will take more time than a fitting session. Because, you have built your swing around a particular weight and changing that may destablize your swing. I do not know the weight of the CFS shafts off the top of my head. But my guess is high mid range. The only set I measured were 110g. That being the case, I would try the Nippon 1050. I have fit many, many your age into it. It is a bit stouter than the 95.

  • Phil

    Iam using a ns pro 950gh r flex in mizuno mp25 . It has brought the swing weight way down c4 . Iam thinking about the ns pro modus 105 r and step it 1 or 2 steps . Iam 70 good wing speed 10 hc.250 driver . Smooth Swing. Phil

    • NS950 in an MP25, interesting combination. If your worried about swing weight try some lead tape on the hosel. If it works, a good clubmaker can move the weight internal. If instead the lead tape works on the back of the head, well, you will just have to live with is as many tour pros have and a few still do. Before worrying about swing weight ask the more fundamental question. Do the clubs deliver consistent gaps and tight dispersion.

  • dave o

    Hello, currently have a set of MP53’s with 1050’s. Great combo for me but looking for an update. Have demo’ed some MP25’s and love the head, but the demo set had XP115’s and I lost half a club at least. Have also tried MP54’s with NS pro 1150’s and had the same result. Have to say the feel in both was superb. My driver SS is 95mph / 6i at 82. Do you think the MP25 / 1050 combo would achieve a similar result to the MP53 / 1050 combo? Hoping for same or better distance as well as improved feel. Cheers.

  • Michael

    I am in the market for new clubs and a set of Titleist AP2 714’s with the NS PRO 105 Stiff are competing against my second choice of Mizuno MP-25 with the X100 TT DG. I currently play KBS TOUR 90 S and find them way too light and I can’t feel the head enough, which is my main concern with the 105 NS PRO. As I am buying used off of someone I won’t be able to test the shaft… Will the NS Pro 105 make the AP2 head feel light? I am also worried about having shots that will ballon…. What would be your opinion on this

    • X100’s vs NPPro 105’s, wow, a huge difference in weight and stiffness. Similar profiles though. You should find a Mizuno fitter and work through the shaft options in the cart with the same head.

      If you enjoy this site, I look forward to seeing you on the subscription list.

      • Michael

        Thanks so much for your help! As a matter a fact, I did exactly that, went to a Mizuno fitter and tried the MP-25 with the X100 and the NS Pro. The X100 like many guys will say is such a powerful shaft, you feel so good swinging it through the ball and it allows you to feel the club head so well through out the entire swing. You never lose touch as your constantly getting feedback on you timing. Don’t get me wrong, the NS Pro 105 Stiff was an excellent shaft as well but it is just too light for my swing speed and type, the feel and kick on it is excellent. I was most shocked that my distance with the X100 was on point if not even further and misses are very well controlled. As you stated the profiles were almost identical, distances were equal and ball flight was a tad higher with the NS Pro 105 but more penetrating than the X100. All I could add is that the MP-25’s have a sweet spot of a football field and just feel so amazing! There like a knife passing though a warm block of putter… So effortless to hit.

        • I share your passion for the MP-25. It is the best head I have ever played and has been in my bag since the day it was released. It is good when you find the shaft that fits you. Light weight is not for everyone. There is this myth told by the carnival fortune tellers pretending to be fitters that light weight increases swing speed. As you have discovered, the right weight is the key to speed and distance.

          • Michael

            I can’t agree more…. You have to feel comfortable with the club in your hands and you swing speed is all dependant on the the type of shaft you should use. In my case the X100 just loaded and released so much better for my needs!
            Can’t wait to play them on the course

  • Rick Beardsley

    Can you explain the difference between the Nippon 850GH and the Modus3 105?

    • The 850 is lighter by about 15 grams and softer. The profiles are not that much different. The 850 has a greater loss of stiffness from butt to tip. I work now with the Zelos when I want lower weight shafts. It was interesting to look back on the 850. It is a firm mid shaft where the Zelos is soft mid. That said, the 850 is not 15 grams softer than the Modus 105.

  • Douglas Knox

    I like an iron shaft weight in the 95 to 105 gram range… but tend to strike irons on a little too low trajectory with not enough spin. 7 iron (31 deg loft) with NSPRO 950 R: 18 deg launch, 5000 rpm, swing speed of ~ 82 mph, ball speed ~ 110 mph, and carry ~ 150 yards with 10 yards roll out. Thus I am looking for a soft tip steel shaft that might promote a little more spin and a higher ball flight. I’m buying some TM P790s and don’t have access to very sophisticated club fitting (because I am left handed and live in Asia).

    I was wondering if any of the following would help me achieve more back spin and higher trajectory in my my mid irons: 1. soft stepping 1 or 2 steps; or 2. adding 1/2″ in shaft length; or both? And should I stick with the NSPRO 950 R… or maybe try the modus 3 105 with additional soft-stepping? I am a good ball striker… but simply do not create high trajectories nor spin.

    Any fitter (DevotedGolfer…) here with some advice? I can only order from a limited number of shaft options for Taylor Made… including the NSPRO 950GH and the NSPRO Modus3 Tour 105. Am also wondering if NSPRO 950GH FW or 950GH HT would be even a better fit for me.. even if it might be an effort to get them?

    • Douglas, Look at the Modus3 120R review. You will see that it is not a 120 gram shaft. It tends to launch high and I believe it is available as an option at TaylorMade. A wise man without access to a skilled fitting pro would order a single club and try it before buying an entire set. The P790 is a great head.

      • Douglas Knox

        Thanks DevotedGolfer… i’m working on become wiser… but in the marketing world of golf shafts, it is a formidable challenge lol. I did look at Modus3 120R but the firm tip promoting low spin scared me off. Higher trajectory with a lower spin sounds great for a driver, but for my 6 to 9 irons, I can’t see the lower spin being beneficial unless spin rates are already too high… which mine are definitely not. Holding greens is my biggest challenge because of my lower trajectories with moderate levels of spin. Am I missing something in your suggestion?

        • Spin has a property we don’t always consider, spin axis. That is how much is the spin tilted. High spin tilted is going to move the ball sideways. Dropping iron spin might not be a bad thing if your swing path through impact is imparting excessive spin axis tilt.

  • Average__Joseph

    Can you explain the differences between the Nippon Zelos 8 and the 850GH, both in regular flex? I plan on putting one of them in a set of KZG Forged V.

  • Rich

    Trying to determine which shaft to go with for new Ping G400. Age 58, Driver speed 88mph, avg score 88, Shaft options: 1. Dynamic Gold R200 or R300 (Weight sorted) 2. KBS Tour 90R (Frequency sorted) 3. NS Pro 950GH R (Constant weight sorted). I’m leaning to the Nippons but looking some feedback (Thanks)

    • Dan

      I just went through the same thing a few weeks ago, though my swing speed is a little higher at 103. I’ve had two sets now with Modus 120R shafts— a set of iBlades and a set of i200s. I just ordered i500s and ended up with the Modus 120S soft stepped. We tried both the DG and the 950GH along with the Modus 120.

      I liked the DG but still feel Nippon is another level better. The 950GH felt very similar to the 120 but was too light — I needed the extra weight to keep my tempo. They don’t list it on their site but the Modus 120/130 are available if you want to make things even more confusing. The upcharge was pretty small and it’s well worth it.

      You will not regret Nippon at all.

      • rich

        Dan thanks for the reply …one vote for Nippon ;>} I’m gonna see if I can test swing with the Nippon to ensure it meets my tempo…

    • Rich and Dan, It is good to see readers helping each other, I have waited a long time for that to happen. Understand that I try to stay brand neutral in all the articles. With an 88 mph driver speed I would be looking at lighter weight shafts than DG’s. The NSPro 950 is still in almost all of the branded fitting carts. The shaft was available when I started in the fitting business 10 years ago. That alone speaks to its suitability for the average golfer.