Project X Loading Zone Iron Shafts

Project X LZ Iron Shaft Review

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

I_PXLZ_ImageTrue Temper introduced the term “Loading Zone” with the Project X Loading Zone driver shaft a few years ago. I was skeptical at first, having seen other shafts with severe approaches to mid shaft stiffness that did not work for many of my clients. I put a Project X Loading Zone shaft in my own driver and it stayed there for several months. It comes back when I finish play testing a new design. It loads effortlessly and gives my unfixable negative angle of attack the launch I need to buy some distance. I was anxious to see how this approach would be implemented in an iron shaft.

The Project X Loading Zone irons shaft has a rapid loss of stiffness in the mid zone of the shaft. It then runs out in a long stable tip. We have seen some very successful implementations of this design over the last few years. Each with its own particular flavor. But overall in my fitting experience a very playable shaft for a wide range of golfers. This design is easy to load, creates a moderately higher flight but remains workable for the highly skilled golfer. I have seen this design add distance without adding dispersion. As of this writing, the Project X LZ has won 3 PGA events and is being played by close to 20 players between the PGA and Web tours.

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Our player/coach/fitter partner has put these into his gamers for several weeks now. He replaced his Dynamic Gold Tour X100’s with the Project X LZ 6.5. His driver swing speed averages 117. He reports that he loves the feel of the shaft through impact. He gets a little lower flight and a lot more control. His ability to work the ball is improved. His dispersion is tighter. He reports he can trust the shaft to deliver the head consistently to shape his ball flight.


  • nova6868

    How did the play testing go?

  • Bryan B3

    Any updates on this shaft??? Thanks.

    • The players using it are not giving them back. They became their gamers.

    • B3

      Thanks. A great shaft. Had a successful experiment with Taylormade PSI Tour heads and the Project LZ 6.5 shaft as mentioned above.

  • ATLMetsfan

    So its a knockoff Modus3 120. Any feedback on if some guys like this even more than the Modus? I know you’re not into comparing shafts from one OEM to another but I thought maybe you’d take a shot at comparing these two.

    Also, can you speak to the genesis of this style shaft. Seems like Nippon was the first to experiment with it in iron shafts? Grafalloy seems to be one of the first onto the soft mid with the shaft Bubba plays to this day. Are those the pioneers or were there any earlier models that looked like this? Many thanks Russ.

  • Andrew Wilson

    “So its a knockoff Modus3 120″…

    It’s kind of perfect that this was the latest comment in this thread, as I came here to comment on how much these two shafts, with what appear to be roughly similar EI profiles, differ from one another (in my personal experience). A well-respected builder recently recommended the Modus 120X in order to lower my launch and spin. He built up a 6-iron for me to try. I expected great things, given the love that this shaft has gotten. But I immediately hated it. The overall shaft felt too light/flimsy and the reinforced tip felt sort of like a ping pong paddle (light but boardy), with the ball quickly clicking off the face at impact. No sense of compression.

    Fast forward to the Project X LZ 6.5. I am absolutely in love! During fitting, from a feel perspective, I was always leaning towards an S/S+ flex, because I like to feel the shaft really load and kick. But I really need an X-flex to reign in my launch and spin. The Project X LZ solves this problem beautifully — reducing launch angle and spin rate while providing great loading sensation and excellent workability.

    Just goes to show you…even scientific measures like EI profiles are just a starting point in figuring out what shaft will perform/feel best for you.

    • ATLMetsfan

      Great feedback. I have kind of settled into PX 6.0s. Played 6.5 a little but like you I just like a little more interaction with the shaft deflecting during my swing. Also tried Modus 120s and while I didn’t have the negative feel effects you got they launched a bit high and just weren’t quite as good as PX for my strike consistency. That said I might give the LZs a go and see if they’re even better. Have you played regular PX in the past, how do you compare them to LZ?

  • George Giannakis

    Have you had a chance to test the new dynamic gold 120 shaft?

  • gary smith6

    callaway have a project X 105 LZ as a custom shaft.
    will it play the same as the standard Project x lz or will it play abit softer being lighter in weight?

  • gary smith6

    Does the project x LZ 6.0 play softer than the KBS C taper stiff??

    • The area under the EI curve of the PZLZ is 18, the KBS CTaper is 20. If you are not familiar with the concept watch the video I recently made in the Technical section of the site. That difference would indicate the CTaper S is going to play stiffer. When I look at the EI curves for the two shafts the CTaper is over the PZLZ in all the the very tip. The torque and the hoop deformation of the CTaper is also lower, further indicators is will feel stiffer.

  • Ty Webb

    Would a standard PX player go up a half flex in the PX LZ? ie. 6.0 to 6.5?

    • Interesting question which sent me to the profile software.
      The PX and the PXLZ are very different shafts. PX, firm mid, PXLZ soft mid by comparison. The firm mid in the PX results in a significantly stiffer overall shaft. Based on what I see, the PX 6 and the PXLZ 6.5 are both 125 grams, so that will be our starting point. Tip stiffness is the same on both, but the rest of the LZ in softer. You might find equivalence by hard stepping the LZ 6.5 at least one shaft. Build an extra single club and compare the PX with the PXLZ before you reshaft a whole set blindly.

  • How would you compare the KBS $-taper 130x to the PX LZ 6.5?

  • Nikoz

    Good Morning,
    I have been playing KBS TOUR R (in Titleist CB) for years with great results. I decided to put the PX LZ 5.0 (MP18 SC) in the bag few months ago, since then i have loss at least one club length in distance. On trackman with practice balls during fitting all the numbers were ok but on the course it is like the ball comes off the club with no speed and when it reaches the apex just fell off the skies rapidly.
    I am 5hcp smooth swinger with 6iron speed around 85mph. any suggestions ?

    • First you should check the lofts of your old clubs vs your new clubs. I know from testing my own swing that when I apply a high launch swing, club head leaning slightly forward the ball goes higher, descends at a stepper angle and I lose around ten yards. In the low launch swing the hands feel to be in front of the shaft and the launch is much lower, the shot more penetrating, the ball rolls further and i am 10 yards, one club longer.
      Looking at the two shaft profiles overlaid on each other, the LZ goes soft in the middle compared to a firm midsection on the KBS Tour. In driver shafts this is like looking at a Diamana Blue vs a White. The soft mid blue goes high, the firm mid white goes low. Get back on the launch monitor and look at launch angles.
      Then replace the shaft in your 6i and see if that solves the problem before you reshaft the whole set.

  • Dean Rule

    Hi there, do you have a reference to the area under the curve measurement for the 5.5 & 6.0 LZ please?

  • Galanga

    I have Oban ct 115 stiff at 1/2 over in 718 AP2s. They are the best shafts I have used.

    As 2nd bag I want to try the LZs in some Miuras. Mizuno optimizer says PX LZ 6.0. I have hit them in 6.0 and the felt good but maybe a little spinny.

    Looking at the EI Area data for these two shafts on this site, am I right that Oban CT 115 stiff are roughly equivalent to px lz 6.5 for EI Area?