Russ Ryden

RussRuss Ryden
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

Russ is the owner of Fit2Score, a Dallas Fort Worth golf club fitting and building company. He has over 10 years experience building and fitting golf clubs.  Russ was an early user of fitting with a FlightScope 3D radar launch monitor. He worked closely with SwingView Pro and FlightScope during the integration of video into the radar ball and head tracking software.

Golf Digest 2013 Americas 100 Best transparent.fwRuss has been named one of America’s 100 Best Clubfitters by Golf Digest Magazine in 2011 and again in the 2013 update of the original list. At one time he was active in the PCS and the AGCP, club building and fitting organizations.  The AGCP named Russ a Master Fitter and acknowledged his contributions to the trade with the 2009 AGCP technology award.

Living in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, Russ has access to the UST Mamiya Headquarters. It was there that he was first exposed to the concept of EI deflection measurement of shaft bend profiles.  That exposure lead to design and development a precision instrument for measuring EI.  Shortly after, a process of measuring GJ was developed. He created and maintains the databases that are the source of the charts and tables you see here.  The authors of the reviews at GolfShaftReviews are owners of the EI instruments and contribute their measurements to the databases.

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Mizuno_Top100To round out his knowledge of the golf swing, Russ has been certified by the Titleist Performance Institute as a Level 2 Golf Instructor   He has completed the fitting certification programs at Titleist and Mizuno and was named a Top 100 Fitter in 2013 by Mizuno.

In 2011 Russ launched  This videocentric website features DFW golf professionals discussing equipment, instruction and fitness to the devoted golfer. has media credential with the PGA Merchandise Show, the PGA and the LPGA.  The focus at these events is golf equipment and golf technology. Many of Russ’ video productions related to golf gear and golf club fitting can be seen on the YouTube DevotedGolfer Channel.


  • Edwin

    Great site! I learn alot on shaft, especially with the EI profiles available…

  • Greg

    Thanks for all the hard work & info. It’s really amazing. Can you help me w/ my research… I’m trying to find a driver shaft that is tip stiff & can help keep the ball down. I currently using taylormade R1 TP w/ tip stiff shaft. The shaft is taylormade – I believe Mitsubishi makes the shaft for taylormade & offers the same shaft independently.

    Your website is great but I wish you were able to enter the desired shaft specifications & the website would search the current database providing a list of shafts meeting those specifications. Is there a way to research the entire website trying to find a number of choices? It’s very difficult to read through all the different shafts, trying to narrow down the list to just a handful of choices…..

    Thanks for your help.

    • Brandon

      I think many of us reading this info would like the same thing. Perhaps a web app or downloadable excel sheet that would meet these requirements?

      Thoughts on this Russ?

  • Brandon

    Perhaps I haven’t been as diligent in my reading of the EI profiles as I should have been…is there a page that explains the significance of the profile in terms of predicted launch and spin?

  • Marc

    Hello Russ:

    Great site with lots of information. As a professional club maker, I’d agree to the quality of shafts being made by today’s shaft manufacturers. When was the last time you reviewed a “bad” shaft with less than acceptable radial consistency? The last shaft I had a problem with was one from Veylix that possessed very pronounced spines when put through a spine-finder.


    • DevotedGolfer

      Marc, I have seen enough shafts that I can recognize the manufacturer by looking at the production label on the butt. Some factories do not ship anything but good shafts. Others appear to ship everything they make.
      I don’t know how you test for spines. I use a tip weight with a laser. I find a FLO, then note the cpm at that point, I then turn the shaft 90 degrees and find the other FLO and again note the cpm. If they are less than 2, the shaft is good. Otherwise, a shaft company gets a phone call. When the Graphite Design folks were in my shop, I was demonstrating this practice and was told that is exactly what they do in their factory. I have never seen a bad shaft from them. I have requested review samples from Veylix, but they never arrived. So I cannot comment on their uniformity or design.
      Ok, I danced around your question a bit there. From the bad factories, I see about 15% that should have been scrapped. From the good ones, 0. My understanding is that Veylix is made under strict quality standards, so I would not expect to see anything that would fail.

  • pamela

    Is there a steel shaft made for fairway woods…Ex. Callaway warbirds

    • DevotedGolfer

      Not that I know of. But if you get involved in the 80+ gram graphite shafts, you can find many that are stiffer than steel.

  • Rick Huntley

    Russ recently fitted me with JPX850 Mizzuno driver and 3 wood. Through his analysis he matched me to the perfect shaft for each club. I am now hitting each 20 yards further than my prior clubs-Russ is extremely knowledgeable and a true professional. Thanks Russ

  • HR

    I am interested in the Aldila RIP iron shafts. Have you analyzed these yet? and/or do you have any specific information about comparisons on them? Thank you.

    • DevotedGolfer

      Ah, so many shafts so little time. Nope, didn’t ever get to those. Perhaps latter this summer.

  • Richard

    Love the site, wish I had a better understanding of the science 🙂
    Would love your recommendations of a premium shaft for a callaway 815 driver, fed up of always being custom fitted for a standard shaft, never given an opportunity to hit a premium shaft.
    Would like to be able to request a try of a shaft when I go to callaway fitting centre.
    Club head speed 98moh, h’cap 7
    48 years old, strong build
    Regards Richard

    • DevotedGolfer

      You know it is impossible for me to recommend a shaft without testing. I do appreciate your frustration. The expense of putting premium shafts in a ftting system is placed on the fitter. The stock shafts are provided by the head company. So, most retail fittings are restricted to the fitting cart. The top fitters invest in the premium stuff to the extent they can justify it.

  • Nikhil Raj

    Hi Russ, Been a long time lurker and absolutely love the information you and testers publish! I’ve recently come across the shafts by Robin Arthur of Graffaloy fame and now of the Excalibur line of shafts. Any chance you can test these? I’ve been installing the Tour line for some mini-tour/amateur players and they absolutely love performance and would love to see these profiled.

    • DevotedGolfer

      I sent Robin another request for review samples.It is not my first request. I would like to review his products.

      • Nikhil Raj

        Thanks Russ. Hopefully he’ll come through this time around.

        • I have not heard from him, perhaps you should encourage him.

          • Nikhil Raj


  • Les Devitt

    Russ, can you help me with some shaft recommendations? i am a 1 hcp senior level player. I just purchased the Cobra King Ltd driver. The standard shaft is the Aldia Rogue Black 60g. I have a reg. with the loft set to 12 degrees. My driver speed is 92- 95mph and my smash factor is +145 on most days. My tempo is medium and my change in direction a little fast. I like the driver the ball tumbles and I get lots of roll. My spin rates appear to be low can you recommend any shafts that will give a little more spin. Thanks.


    • It is hard, no it is impossible to recommend a shaft that will add spin without seeing how your react to the shaft, how it balances your club, and how all that interacts with your swing dynamics. A regular Rogue Black with our swing speed should be delivering some spin, it is not a low spin design. However, that said, it has more to do with how you interact with the shaft than any particular property of a shaft.

  • Josh

    Do you have any info on how shafts change with use and/or age? I was fit into an AD DI 6x driver shaft and have playing it for about 5 years now. I was struggling with my driver control last season so I started testing new clubs and noticed an immediate difference. I don’t have an apples-to-apples comparison (old driver was a Cobra, and they’ve changed hosel adapters so many times that I can’t just put the fitting cart shaft into my old head), but a new AD DI 6x feels significantly stiffer than my old one.
    On a related note, do you have any data to show the effects of keeping a shaft in a hot car trunk through the summer? I love the convenience of having my clubs with me at all times, but it’s not worth ruining a thousand dollars worth of graphite.

    • Josh,
      To the best of my knowledge shafts do not deteriorate with age. I do not believe the temperature in your trunk will affect you shafts. But it will dry rot your grip and over a long period of time it is not good for golf balls. I recall the plastic medalions on the back of some iron heads were popping off in the Texas heat when left in a trunk.

  • Paresh amin

    Russ, any comments on the ust elements chrome and chrome platinum. I am thinking about purchasing one or the other. Right now I have the matrix black tie 70m4 in x flex and have a tough time controlling the side spin (left to right). Also looking to pick up a little distance too (who isn’t). Thanks for your input

    • Sorry, UST has not been willing to provide review samples.

  • Jsmithx4

    Hello Mr. Ryden,
    Really enjoy your website. Are you still using the Fubuki J shaft in your driver?

    • I have taken to trying new shafts to write better reviews. That is not always a good thing for my scores. The Fubuki J remains one of my go to shafts when I am concerned about beating my buddies on the weekend.

  • billm311

    Russ, have you seen any low trajectory, low spin shafts with a high balance point? Like a Diamana whiteboard or Aldila Rogue, with the balance point of a Diamana S+ LE?

    Is the Diamana S+ LE really higher balance point than the standard S+?

  • Nocklaus

    Hi Russ.
    Since I am a tweaker and a shaft ho, I love your site.
    I am just wondering why you have to use Fubuki J50 in X stiff?
    I am 62 with a ss of around 103 mph. Smooth swing. I have a Fubuki Z50 R that I like. Carry around 230-240. Feels a little bit soft but the S is to stiff. How can you use an X ?

    • Weight and flex must be read together. On most shafts the 5X is just a bit softer than the 6S. And it weights a bit less. You have to know the matrix of weight / flex for a model to see the stiffness grid.

      • Nocklaus

        Sure, but you use 5X and I use 5R…?

        • Each of us reacts of stiffness and profile differently. That is why working with a professional fitter who has a range of profiles in a matrix of weights and stiffness is important. I am fortunate, I am a professional fitter with such a matrix of shafts and can tinker with shafts endlessly. I know from watching acceleration graphics on FlightScope what a good release feels like. And how much speed it adds to my swing. Which, with the onset of age related stiffness is about 3/4 of what it once was. As of two weeks ago, a limited release shafts, the KuroKage Limited, 50S went into my Driver. TiNi wrap the entire length of the shaft. It is not made in 5X so I had to settle with the 5S. It feels good, but when I really unload the ball goes a bit high. So, knowing that I may bring in the 6R and test it, it is the next in the matrix. I don’t really pay much attention the the letters on the shafts because I have all of my own data on them.

  • Jared

    Hi Russ

    Question for you. I was wondering if you could compare the project X lz versus the modus 130. I quite liked the 130 in my previous set but they were a tad spinny in the S flex. I
    Have been playing the lz 6.5 and they are nice just want a bit of a compare and contrast.

  • Paresh amin

    Russ any comments on true temper’s dynamic gold X7 shafts. Looking to replace my rifle 7.0 with them as to bring the launch and spin down. But I fear a “telephone pole” type feel. Thanks again for the great work

    • I have not looked at them yet. Your comment prompted me to request a review set. Thanks

  • Ognjen

    Awesome site to learn about golf shaft.

    • Glad you enjoy it. Support it with a subscription

  • joseph whelan

    Is there a iron shaft that is similiar to the nippon 105 wedge flex love the feel

    • Nippon NSPro 95 R

      • joseph whelan

        seems like an odd match, i would think these bend profiles are very different, one shaft is designed for high launch the other low launch?

        • I see what I measure not what a marketing pitch tells me

          • joseph whelan

            you can’t measure feel

          • joseph whelan

            sorry i meant to say you can’t see or measure feel

  • JJ G

    Hi Russ. I love the site and all of the very informative and useful data. Thanks for enlightening us all with it. Can you do a quick review on the Aldila Rogue M-ax shafts (the mid flight one in particular)? They are a pretty high interest topic right now given that both Titleist and Callaway have chosen them for stock offerings in their 2017 driver releases. Thanks again!

    • They are not yet in stock. I will review them soon. The factory is starting back up and the shafts will arrive shortly.

  • MJW

    Russ, in October you did a preliminary review of the Project X LZ Graphite iron shaft.
    Do you have an update or new information on that shaft? Thanks

    • I have not had the opportunity to test them. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Andrew Wilson

    Hey Russ, I could use some wisdom in finding a good 3-iron shaft that blends decently with the feel of my other irons while gaining a few yards. I play Miura Baby Blades in 4-PW with Project X LZ 6.5 shafts. Absolutely loving the feel and performance of this set up. I carry the 4-iron around 207, and would love to reliably carry a 3-iron around 220. To do that, I probably need a little help from a lighter shaft. As for the iron head, I will probably stay in a Miura Baby Blade. I tried the Titleist T-MB and hated the hollow feeling. With that in mind, any recommendations for a good 3-iron shaft with similar feel to the PX LZ’s but maybe 20 grams lighter? I’m assuming graphite is most likely, but open to suggestions. Thanks!!!

    • I would consider staying with the profile that works for you, the PXLZ, Just use the 6.0 or the 5.5.

  • Brett Benjamin

    Hi Russ,
    I’ve been reading your reviews for awhile and just subscribed as a member. I look to you as the authority for any shaft at this point. I hope it’s not too much to ask but I was just curious to your thoughts on one shaft I have on the way. I currently play an Aldila RIP Phenom NL 70TX tipped 1.5″ in a Titleist 917D2 8.5 head. It’s a very good setup, and I hit it well. I have a RIPa 90X tipped 2.5″ in a Titleist 917F2 3 wood that is pretty much perfect. I feel I can still overpower the NL if I get slightly too aggresive in the driver and it can go left. I ordered a PX 8A4 to test out and was just hoping to get your opinion. First, I don’t see anywhere on your the site reviews on the Tour Issue PX’s, so I don’t know if tipping will cut away stiffness or increase it so I was interested in your thoughts. Second, would you recommend I just get a RIP a80X and tip 2″ as I know through your info that RIPa’s lose stiffness toward the tip steadily. I am easily over 120ss, even at 85% with an aggressive move and tempo. I can get to 130ss if I know I am free to do so in my setup as I used to compete in LD. Just trying to give you a basic idea of me, obviously there are more factors and I don’t expect anything more than an educated guess. My main concern is tipping the 8A4 and what to expect on that end. Sorry for such a lengthy first comment, and thank you for any time you can give. I love the site and will remain a member, supporting the best I can.

    -thank you

  • Gianandrea Persenda

    Good evening Russ, congratulations to the site because it is really interesting. I would like advice on what kind of shafts I should mount on my drive. I have tried many but I have not yet realized what kind of bend profile suits my swing; if it is better that with soft tip, mid stiff and soft butt or the one with the tip stiff, the mid soft and the stiff butt. I have a 92-mile swing speed, a medium load, a smooth Downswing and a midway wrist cock release with a 1 degree positive attack angle. Can youngive me a couple of shaft names with those features?
    Many thanks in advance and cordial greetings.

    • Ah, it would be nice if one could fit based of a few statistics. Unfortunately, that is not the case although some selling software based solutions would like to promote the idea. it is important to understand profiles when fitting to know what you are testing, then proceed in the testing process to refine the fit with the knowledge of what indicates improvements in distance and dispersion. My advice is to find a knowledgeable fitter. If you cannot, get out and try different shafts. Then look at the profiles shown on this site and develop and understanding of what creates the tightest dispersion for your swing.

  • td

    Do you have the profile for KBS Tour V 125/130 shafts?

    • I do, the profile shape is identical to the lighter weights just stiffer. This is the same with all KBS designs. The bend profile shape does not change with with weight. This makes them easy for me to fit with. Thanks for calling attention to the fact that I wrote the review before the 125 and 130’s were available.

      • td

        Thanks! I have played the 120 for a season and recently switched to the 125. I have noticed a tad lower ball flight and better control with the 125.

  • Mc

    Hi Russ, this is an awesome website. I am wondering if you will be doing a review of the new Project X Even Flow shafts soon?

    • The box is in the shop, soon.

    • Done

  • Rick Talley

    Hi, Russ. I had the pleasure of trying out the Accra Tour z Xtreme 465 m4 recently, and was impressed with the shaft. In your review of the TZX, you stated there were many similar designs. I was wondering if you could name a few of the latest shafts that match the profile; and also, describe what the profile is, exactly. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Rick. That information is available to software subscribers. Because many of the shafts measured here are loans, I make a point of not comparing between brands.

      • Rick Talley

        I understand, thx!

  • Adam Charen

    Russ: I really enjoy the site and all the information provided. I was wondering if you could clarify some basic questions for me related to the good old TT DG shafts. Looking at the EI profile on both the R300 and S300 the tips bottom out around 14 and 11 inches respectively and then stiffen towards the tip. I think I have read elsewhere on the site where you discuss tip trimming shafts with this shape and how you are in fact cutting away stiffness, not increasing it. I have tip trimmed many a set of DG shafts but am having a hard time squaring this in my head. Am I misunderstanding the idea of cutting away the stiffness? Wouldn’t this cause the short irons to launch higher and the longs to do the opposite? Along with this I was also wondering if you look at and factor in the EI shape on the butt end when tip trimming this EI tip shape. If the shaft loses stiffness at the very end versus plateauing or gaining stiffness, should that factor into your thinking or does the greater stiffness in the butt (compared to the rest of the shaft) outweigh any differences regardless of whether the butt continues to stiffen or not? Thanks again.

    • Adam,
      Dynamic Golds are taper tip and are not designed to be tip trimmed.Although a little can be done it you think that 3/8 of an inch is going to do much to the performance of the club. In the Dynamic design, which is used in most of the TrueTemper steel shafts, the stiffness designation is set by the length of the tip to the first step in the shaft. I am moved the curves around graphically and illustrated how the shafts from first step upward were much the same EI profile. You could cut away enough of the tip that an R would become an X, but having done some, what was left would not be long enough to build a club. Nor would the tip taper fit into a tapered hosel.
      With EI curves it is easy to see what happens when you tip. The entire shaft graphic simply slides left.
      Shaft tipping is something I do not ever do to a shaft that is stiffening toward the top. The intended effect, creating a stiffer playing shaft, will only occur when the shaft profile descends to the tip.
      An extensive discussion about tipping could fill a few pages.

      • Adam Charen

        Thanks Russ,
        I was thinking parallel tip DG, which is where my confusion was.

  • IO

    Hi Russ,
    I am newly registered and left some comments on some other reviews. I have been researching balance points in shafts and noticed from your graphs that in the midst of “high balance” point shafts, there really has been no significant change in balance points from older shaft models to newer offerings. Is this just a marketing term? What in your view, is considered a “traditional” balance point shaft (23-24.5″?)? How important is balance point as a fitting parameter in your opinion?

    Typically I have found a liking for 70g shafts that feature softer butt sections/stiffer tips, and I have tried a lot of shafts you have reviewed. I found balance point to be a critical starting factor for myself selecting a shaft because when the balance point changes the shaft/SW just does not feel the same, even though the profile suits my swing. Can you offer any shaft recommendations similar to the Aldila RIP Alpha in terms of profile and balance point at 70g range?

  • Kenneth Hooton

    Hello Mr. Ryden; Have you fitted anyone for Long Drive competitions? Or would there be any difference in a regular golf driver fitting? Thanks.