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Mitsubishi Thump Hybrid Golf Shaft Review

Mitsubishi Diamana Thump Hybrid Shaft Review

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

I cannot recall how long the Diamana Thump Hybrid has been in my bag.  I am playing the original 95 gram Thump that was made with a .350 tip. For many years I has been available as an unlisted special order shaft to Mitsubishi Dealers. I have ordered and installed them for many of my fitting clients. At last, the Diamana Thump has been reissued with a .370 tip and new graphics. There are three models, 90S, 90X and 100X.

I have long described the Thump Hybrid as a steel shaft made out of carbon fiber. It sits in the same weight range as mid weight steel. And it is every bit as stiff, if not stiffer than steel in the weight range. The low torque that is an inherent property of steel is built into the Thump. If the $200+ price of a Thump, or other high performance carbon fiber hybrid shafts, is not in your budget then go with steel. However, there are a few reasons you would choose carbon fiber over steel. 

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The .370 tip fits most all current generation hybrids. No longer will you have to shim the .355 tips of the older design. If you have used the earlier generation you will find the tips to ever so slightly firmer in the new design. Torque is slightly lower as well. It is time to put some new hot face hybrids in my bag.[/restrict]