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Fujikura Fuel Golf Shaft Review


By Kirk James & Mark Vallier, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
MK Golf Technologies,San Antonio, Texas


The Fujikura Fuel shaft was introduced just prior to the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show and was named “the most talked about shaft at the Show”. The Fuel continues to create a lot of buzz in the print media and on the internet. Let’s take a closer look and see what all the buzz is about.

According to Fujikura, the Fuel is a low launch/low spin shaft designed for drivers, fairways and hybrids. The shafts are constructed with a series of high modulus carbon plies oriented at 45 and 90 degree angles in the butt and mid sections which their engineers claim reduce ovaling during the loading and unloading of the shaft. We have found through our testing and fitting process that the Fuel shafts are extremely stable with low launch and low spin characteristics as claimed by Fujikura.

Like many shafts, the Fujikura Fuel profiles vary with weight. As you will notice in the EI bend profiles below, the 50 gram shafts have a fairly soft overall profile with a relatively stiff tip. This stiff tip feature makes this shaft feel extremely tight and stable for a mid 50 gram shaft. We have found through our fittings that it will feel and play slightly stiffer than its flex rating. It is an excellent light weight option for a player that can load a shaft or that has a quicker tempo, or both.

The 60 gram, Tour Spec 60 gram and the 70 gram models have a slightly different bend profile than the 50 gram models. These heavier models are stiffer in the butt and mid sections, with a smoother profile in the tip section. The stiffer butt and mid sections make these models feel extremely stable (ie stiff) in the hands and give these shafts an overall stiff feel. The low torque of these shafts adds to their overall tight/stiff feel at impact. Our testing and fittings confirm that these are definitely low launch shafts.

The Tour Spec 70 gram S and X flex models have a very different profile than the other models. The bend profile shows a very stiff upper-mid section with a smooth but rapid decline in flex to the tip. These models are again extremely stable because of the stiff mid section, and are excellent choices for heavy hitters looking to lower ball flight in both drivers and fairways.

Fuel EiGjTb


Fujikura Fuel Tour Spec 70 gramFuel_TS_Image


Our testing and fittings confirm that the Fujikura Fuel shafts definitely provide the low launch characteristics claimed by Fujikura. The 50 gram models have slightly higher launch and spin than the other models, but are still low for a mid-50 gram shaft. The design, construction and bend profiles of these shafts contribute to the overall stiff/tight feel that the player will experience when playing these shafts. The Fuel shafts are a good option to consider for a player looking to lower his or her launch conditions.

Oban Kiyoshi Purple, Oban Kiyoshi Black, Oban Kiyoshi White Driver Shafts


By Woody Lashen, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Pete’s Golf, Mineola, New York

Oban introduced the Purple Kiyoshi in the fall of 2010, each year they have added a new profile to the series.  Oban’s goal was to make a high quality shaft, with different options that club fitters could use to the maximum performance out of players with different swings and needs.  As with any great shaft, we advise you go see a professional fitter to find the correct one for you to achieve the maximum  performance  for your individual game.

Oban on Tour editor Russ Ryden got to talk to Rich Parzych, Tour Representative for Oban at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial in 2013. Rich has spent many years on the PGA Tour as an owner operator of his own van and most recently at the Oban Golf Shaft tour representative.

Oban Kiyoshi Purple

Purple Image

Kiyoshi Purple was introduced first in the product line as Oban’s premium performance golf shaft. It is the highest launching shaft in the Kiyoshi line, offered in a weight range of 45-85g, The lighter weights are designed for senior and ladies flex available in the lighter weights. The Kiyoshi Purple is an extremely high quality mid launch/mid spin shaft. The 55g-85g all run the same EI profile, with similar torque. The torque ranges on all three Kiyoshi models (Purple, Black and White) are relatively low, The EI of the Kiyoshi Purple is tip stiff, extremely soft in the mid-section, and stiff in the butt. It’s a great shaft for average to mid-load profiles. With its stunning graphics, it’s difficult not to notice when a player has one in the bag.

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