Technical Articles

This section contains articles about golf shaft terms, technology and measuring.

The term EI is a method of measuring the bend profile of a golf shaft. It is the language of the golf shaft business, used by shaft engineers to describe and discuss the bending properties of shafts. In these reviews you will see enhanced averaged EI profiles of shaft models. They illustrate the how the golf shaft bends during your swing.

Torque of a shaft is how much it twists under load. Known as GJ by shaft engineers, it affects both performance and feel.

How a shaft performs in your hands is a complex matrix of factors. You cannot assume that a shaft that works well for your friend or a golf professional will work for you. It is like assuming that the clothes they are wearing will fit you. The affiliates of Fit2Score’s shaft profile database truly understand the shafts they work with and will find your perfect fit. The reviews here evolved as my understanding of shafts developed. Shaft design is an evolving art, aided by advances in Radar ball and head tracking technology and 3D motion analytic studios. This huge library of shaft reviews will give you a basis for understanding how and why a golf shaft affects your game.

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