The shaft reviews here are written by affiliates of Fit2Score.  They are owners of the EI profiling instrument designed and built by Russ Ryden, owner of Fit2Score.  All are ethical golf club fitters with years of experience.

Golf Club Fitting was noted in a white paper written by GolfSmith several years ago as the most effective tool for selling golf clubs. That message has been embraced by golf equipment retailers. Commercial golf club fitting is more appropriately called golf club selling. Several years ago when I asked the owner of a multi site golf equipment fitting business what the hottest driver head was he replied, “the brand paying the largest incentives to my fitters.”

Ethical Golf Club Fitting puts the interest of the golfer ahead of the incentives and profits of selling golf equipment. In a golf club fititng session, your fitter may tell you that your current equipment is well suited to your swing. He is willing to say that you should not expect game improvement from new gear. Those that are cross trained in coaching will offer motion skills training. You will never hear that in a golf club selling which is often called ‘fitting’. You should expect to pay an ethical fitter for his time, that time has a value and is separate from the cost of golf equipment.

This section will introduce you to our contributors, all of which are experienced fitters or golf teaching professionals.