Diamana D+ & Diamana S+ Driver Shaft Review

Mitsubishi Diamana S+ & D+ Driver Shafts – 2015

By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

Diamana Blue S+ Driver

The stock shafts in the 2015 Titleist 915 drivers include the Diamana Red, White and Blue models. This year, unlike last year, they have the same appearance as the original Diamana shafts, a silver background with the Red, White or Blue Diamana logo. And, with the exception of a very slight increase in torque, they are identical to the legacy design.  We have received review samples of the Blue and a few of the Whites. The remainder of the Whites and the Reds will be added to this review when they arrive.

The Blue Diamana is perhaps the most copied driver shaft design I have ever seen. It is a good fit for golfers with a quick swing and a hard transition. The profile has a soft mid in relation to the tip and butt. The Diamana + models are available as options from most companies in 2015. Many, at no upcharge.

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  • Adam

    “Unless you have a positive angle of attach, stay away from this shaft. If you do, it is made for you.” How does a +/- angle of attack relate to this shaft in fairway woods. I have a positive angle in my driver but not in my three wood.

    • DevotedGolfer

      It would be hard to go positive off the dirt. I assume you are talking about hitting your fairway off the turf. I typically fit fairways with high launch, high spin shafts. it relates to strategic use of a fairway. I like to fire fairways at greens. And I don’t like to see the ball bounce on the green and go over. My preference is drop and stop. And to do that I need height and spin. I have a few favorites, the Diamana ‘ilima and the new Diamana R combine a low torque tip with a high launch design. Next on my list, for a little lower flight is the KuroKage Proto TINI. Always put into a fairway with a slotted sole. I like the bottom of the face as hot as the center.

  • Travis

    Russ, your comments on having a positive angle of attack also caught my attention. I have a slightly negative angle of attack with my driver, yet I was fit for the D+ white 70. I felt very comfortable with the results. I’ve been working on getting a more in to out path and increasing my angle of attack to get more out of my driver, in which case perhaps the D+ will suit me even better.

  • George Giannakis

    Are the S+ and D+ hybrid shafts of the same quality of the driver/fairway shafts or are they of similar quality to the previous S+ and D+ models?

    • George,
      I have not found the time to fully measure all the S+ and D+ shafts. My comment is based on what I have seen. The are generally a little higher torque, 1/4 to 1/2 degree. The shaft to shaft consistency is about the same in the hybrid and the driver/fairways. it is not the same as the premium Diamana’s.

      • George Giannakis

        Thanks for your reply.

  • Mike

    I have a Diamana S+ Blue 70 shaft in my fairway wood, but I am considering getting the 70 gram R series to replace it. In your opinion, would it be worth it? Sounds like these Plus series shafts are pretty solid.
    Thank you,

  • Mike

    By the way, the reasons I am considering switching are…
    – Tighter feel
    – Better Consistency
    – It’s gorgeous
    Please let me know whether you believe these to be valid reasons or not.
    I really enjoy reading your reviews and watching your informative videos.
    Thank you!

  • ATLMetsfan

    If you were going to put a D+ in a 5 wood and wanted to keep the ball flight down as much as possible how would you tip it? MRC say 3/4″ but I’m not sure if they’re recommending tipping on fairways to increase launch or keep it down. I assume increase launch, which is what I don’t want to do anymore than the 5 wood loft will already provide.