True Temper Dynamic Gold Golf Club Shaft Review

True Temper Dynamic Gold, Dynamic Gold SL & Dynamic Gold Sensicore

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

DG RSX LabelsNo overview of golf shafts would be complete without a discussion of the True Temper Dynamic Gold Iron shaft.  It has been with us for a long time and does not change. Its not as exciting to review as some of the new technology we see, but it remains the number one iron shaft on the PGA tour.

The EI profiles show three different shaft designs, Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff. This is not what we see from most other companies. Their patterns are consistent from weight to weight, flex to flex.

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  • I have a question about shaft weight and flex and the way these affect the outcome of my shots. I’m learning about shafts by trying various options on the range and course over the last 6 months. In summary what I’ve found for my swing are the following:

    High accuracy and short distance – TT Dynalite Gold R 300 SL (102 g)
    Avg accuracy and avg distance – Dynamic Gold S 300 (127 g)
    Low accuracy and high distance – Dynamic Gold R 300 with Sensicore (124 g)

    What is the effect of the weight of the shaft on distance? Have I found my best option in the DG S300 or should I look at other shafts. My handicap is 17 and my driver swing speed is 100-105.

    • DevotedGolfer

      Hum, a 17 with a 100+ driver swing speed. You are either not hitting fairways with your driver or you can’t putt, LOL. Because, your evaluation of iron shafts leads me to believe you have some control of you irons.

      High accuracy, but short with a soft, light shaft. The ball is going high with a lot of spin? Back spin negates side spin, a good thing. A softer shaft will put the ball higher and the will cost distance. And in the TT lineup, R means long tip and long tip means height and spin.

      Average accuracy and average distance. Sound like a winner. Irons are about control not distance. It does not matter what number club you pull out of the bag as long as the distance is repeatable and the accuracy has you aiming at pins not greens. Get something like this in your bag and go practice until that average accuracy becomes high accuracy.

      Low accuracy. That disqualifies an irons shaft. End of story. Distance does not matter if you want to get to a single digit handicap. Accuracy is all that matters. On the days the putter is working, some of those 10 footers are going in for birdies. But if your missing the greens, the percentage of time you can chip in is not good.

      There are a lot of shafts in the 95 to 115 weight range that you can explore. For the average golfer that range is the sweet spot and that is acknowledged by the shaft companies. All the new products are showing up in that weight range. Happy hunting, it sound like you enjoy the process. Get your hands on a TrueTemper XP 115S and put it through your evaluation process. It will split the difference between the Dynalite and the DG S you tried.

      • Thank you for your thoughts and time to write, that’s great advice I’ll definitely try these and I hope to get my scores down this coming spring.

        • Clark R

          Any chance you have some material or point me in the direction of how to find out step patterns of TT Lite or Dynalite…(early days). I have some shafts I am trying to identify.

  • Josselin Malige

    Hello and Thanks for your website,
    i have got dg x100 on my irons, this is Just perfect for me : Nice little draw, bad time little push draw, perfect feel. From there can we deduct an idea for hybrid shaft h5 h4 H2 3w driver? Thanks for your time and ideas.

    • Josselin,
      It is not that easy. Short answer, we cannot deduce what will fit for the rest of your bag. We have a few hints, DG’s are heavy. They have a consistent loss of stiffness tip to butt. That is where I would start, but the search for the perfect shaft is not a perfected path.

      • Josselin Malige

        Thanks a lot