Fujikura Pro Driver Golf Shaft Review

Fujikura Pro Driver Shaft

Kirk James & Mark Vallier,  MK Golf Technologies,San Antonio, Texas

Measurements: By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

The 2014 Fujikura Pro driver shaft has an interesting look. Like the iron shaft, it ts two color. On one side the upper color fills the label, on the other side, the lower color. Going beyond cosmetics, the Fujikura Pro and the Tour Spec versions are very different shafts. The Pro is a mid soft shaft. This term only has meaning in the relationship of the mid section of the shaft to the butt and tip. The stiffness of the tip relative to the mid section provides stability and lower than average spin, while the butt section has been designed to provide a smooth feel in a player’s hands. In our testing and fitting of these shafts, we have found Fujikura’s marketing literature to be fairly accurate. These Pro shafts provide the player mid launch, mid to low spin, and a great feel in the hands. The higher carbon fiber content of these shafts enhance both the stability and smooth feel provided by the bend profile. These shafts are an outstanding value at their price point for the player looking for a mid launching shaft.

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Again, we are extremely impressed with these Pro Tour Spec shafts, and feel that they are an outstanding value for someone looking for a low to mid launching shaft with low spin characteristics.


  • Jesse

    How does the speeder 661 compare to the 63 pro ts. Looking at fujikura site the list the s flex in both having the same tip and but deflection. Can u explain the difference in ei and how they’ll play different.


    • Your question got lost in the shuffle, sorry. These are two very different shafts.

  • Major

    I am curios to know how this shat will perform vs the kiyoshi black. It seems to be a little softer in the butt and tip, so i’m assuming maybe a slighter higher launch/ spin with a softer feel. And keep up the reviews its fascinating to see the specs of shafts in this much detail.

    • A very interesting comparison Major. Gram for gram, the Kiyoshi Black is stiffer and has lower torque, but the profiles have a lot of similarity. The Fuji Pro loss of mid stiffness is much greater. This profile is a design you will see in many future Fuji designs based on R&D coming out of the ENSO studio.

  • JJ G

    Hey Russ. Great work with this site. Can you please compare the Fuji pro shaft to the new Fuji pro XLR8 versions? Fuji says they are more counterbalanced, but Id love to see your bending profile data to see if the same EI bend profiles and signatures are used as a well. Thanks again for this wealth of shaft knowledge!

    • Fuji did not make the XLR8 shafts available for review. I will ask again.

  • RinerDC

    Looks like this driver shaft my match up to KBS Tour V or as close as a driver shaft can?

  • Afiq Hakim

    Are the Fuji Pro considered as an OEM made for shaft for manufacturer since Taylormade has this option with no up-charge. Appreciate your thoughts on this.

    • I find in the Fuji labeling system the word “Tour Spec” means OEM version.

      • Afiq Hakim

        Meaning that the tour players do play stock oem shafts yea?

        • Meaning that the manufacturer is misleading the consumer. That is not the aftermarket shaft that will most often be played on tour.

          • Afiq Hakim

            I have the impression that the Tour Spec would be an aftermarket and made of better quality than being a OEM stock shaft.

          • They gotcha