Graphite Design Tour AD M9003 Golf Shaft Review

Graphite Design Tour AD M9003 Driver Shaft

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas


The Graphite Design Tour AD M9003 released in mid 2015. It is an unusual addition in that it is only available in 4 models, 60 and 70 S and X. With a $550 MSRP, this is not a shaft for any but the strongest fastest golfers. Graphite design is not recommending it for anyone south of a 105 mph driver swing. That excludes me. It is made with high modulus 55 ton, Nanoalloy prepreg from Toray. Translation, the material in this shaft is as good as it gets.
Radial consistency is 98.9% with a 0.2% standard deviation. Like all Graphite Design Tour AD shafts, it is round and will play exactly the same in any orientation.

The closest match to this shaft from Graphite Design is the Tour AD BB, a shaft that was released around 2011. The Tour AD BB is one of Graphite Design’s popular shafts on the professional tours and gets a lot of play on the LPGA. The profiles are similar until we get to the tip.

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  • Corey

    What will tipping this shaft do?

    • Tipping is the most annoying thing that I see in the golf business. We have a lot of shafts that get stiffer close to the tip in todays marketplace. We have a few, very few actually that descend in stiffness all the way to the tip. However the belief that tipping a shaft will make it stiffer remains a common belief.
      The tradition goes back to using butt frequency to measure shaft stiffness. This is now a 20+ year old concept. In what other aspect of technology would you cling to a 20+ year old technique. Perhaps we should all be using MS-DOS on our computers. It was good 20 years ago, why not continue to use it?
      Look at the profile of this shaft. Does it descend toward the tip. It is hard to see on the graphics in the review, I had to look at the actual numbers. It does not. It stiffens toward the tip ever so slightly. With this shaft tipping, will not be a big negative as it would on some other designs. You will gain 0.1 degree of torque. Remember when you tip, the played segment includes more of the butt of the shaft. In short, tippng not hurt this shaft, but it is not going to add much either.

  • Sean Ho

    How will this compare to a aldila rouge 110 1/2 tipped..?

  • Marve Breeding

    I have a GD Tour AD 9003 stiff shaft that I am testing in a 2017 M1 driver. Can not find anything on it since it is an older GD offering. Do not have access to a launch monitor, without paying for a lesson.

    Does not seem to compare to the M9003 in your review. Looking for a lower launch and spin profile than my GD Tour AD MT in the M1, and AD DI does not work at all for me. I am a 8 handi with a driver SS at 103, and love the feel and tight dispersion of GD shafts.

    Have you ever tested the original 9003, and is the M9003 a beefed up version? Also interested how the BB would compare.