Graphite Design Tour AD MT Golf Shaft Review


By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

GD AD MT Image

The Graphite Design Tour AD line continues in 2014 with another variation on the theme.  The Tour AD MT has the familiar Graphite Design look. The profile follows the same basic design, stiff butt, rapidly losing stiffness toward the tip, and then sharply gaining stiffness into the tip. The difference in the Tour AD models is the mid section. Starting with the 2011 Tour AD DJ, a mid shaft stiffness bump was added. The placement and degree of this bump sets the launch propensity of the shaft.

In the Tour AD BB, the ‘bump’ is subtle and in the low mid region of the shaft. In the Tour AD GT, it moved back and was more pronounced. The mid section ‘bump’ in the Tour AD MT falls in about the same region as the Tour AD GT, it is followed by a rapid loss of stiffness to 16″ then the shaft quickly gains stiffness toward the tip.

What does that all mean to the golfer. This is a highly successful design that is in use by a number of marquee players.  I see a mid launch, mid spin design that is a good mate for the low launch heads and balls we will see in the 2014 models.

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  • Daryl Ross

    G’day there.
    The driver I’ve been using for the past few years is a Ping G15 10.5* with an Aldila Serano R shaft. With a nice boring trajectory.

    I recently purchased a new Nike VRS Covert 2 with the standard Mitsubishi Kuro Kage R shaft.

    My problem is I struggle to hit the Nike anywhere near as straight as my Ping. When I use the Nike the ball finishes with an unintended fade. I’ve tried altering the head and the problem still remains. Go back to the Ping/Serano mix and the fade is reduced to almost straight to very straight.

    My guess is the there’s too much flex in the tip of the Nike/Kura Kage mix. Am I right?

    • DevotedGolfer

      The Serano and the KuroKage have similar tips, in fact in absolute terms the KuroKage’s tip is firmer. The overall stiffness of the KuroKage is higher than the Serrano. However, my data on the Serrano is from the early days of my knowledge base and may have a conversion error. I just called Adlila for a review sample. It has been discontinued, but they will try to locate one. In looking at another shaft with a similar profile that was recently measured, you have a large amount of stiffness change between the two shafts you are trying. It could be that your swing is very smooth and you fit very soft. The stiffness of the KuroKage is keeping the head open. Have the Serrano installed in the Nike head and see if it is the shaft or the head.
      The shafts weigh the same, so it is not the weight of the shaft. It might be the weight or the offset of the head. When you are having the shafts changed, get the head weights. A few grams of head weigh can have a dramatic effect on head delivery. The older heads were generally lighter than some of the new heads. In my experience, the heavier heads now being promoted are not a good thing.
      How did this conversation about Serano’s and KuroKage’s end up in the Graphite Design bucket? 🙂

  • DTown3011

    Hey Russ, I currently love the GD Tour AD MT-6x in my driver. I’m looking for something similar in the Mitsubishi Rayon lineup. What would you suggest that would have a similar bend profile? Thanks.

    • DevotedGolfer

      Diamana ‘ahina 60X is the closest. The differences are subtle. The tip stiffness of the ahina is a little softer.

      • DTown3011

        Interesting I always considered ‘ahina a low launch shaft and never thought so with MT. I know the W-series is a totally different animal but with the slightly softer tip vs. ‘ahina maybe that would be a good option as well?

        • DevotedGolfer

          Questions like yours get me to look into the profile knowledge base and discover relationships that would not come to light in my day to day fitting practice. If you do try the ‘ahina, let me know how if compares.

  • TK

    Good morning Russ,

    I love the Graphite Design line and currently play the Tour AD DI 6 stiff. I am an ex pro athlete (hockey player), with an aggressive transition on my downswing…I am looking for a shaft in the Tour AD line that is tip stiff, softer in the mid section (I like to feel the kick) and back to stiff. Which shaft would you recommend?
    SS is about 105. Driver avg is 270yds and I play a Ping G30 SF Tec.

    • Look into the new GP series. At your speed, bases on experience with another 105 mph golfer, I would be looking at the 60X or 70S

  • eddy curvosa

    Good Morning Russ,

    I am writing to you from Jakarta Indonesia. I had on a whim fitted my Callaway Diablo Tour Loft 9.5 driver with a BB6 Stiff Flex shaft. My SS is 85-87.
    Recently I tried my friends Bridgestone driver with a yellow Tour AD shaft (J6 if i am not mistaken) and ordered a R flex shaft based on color.I realize now that this is the MT5 R1 shaft. Is this any good for my swing speed? should i get fitted? please help. thanks

    • Eddy,
      Swing speed is one of many, many things to be considered in driver shaft fitting. How you achieve that speed, how much weigh you can control, what profile creates consistent load/unload patters are all as important. Get Fit.