KBS C-Taper Lite Parallel Golf Shaft Review

KBS C-Taper Lite Parallel

By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas
KBS CTLite Parallel Image

Parallel shafts have been a favorite of club builders with frequency machines for much of the time I have been engaged in club building. My involvement with a group called the PCS introduced me to the concept of frequency matched shaft sets. Before I developed an understanding of EI measurement, I was and avid practitioner of frequency matching. As I developed an understanding of the golf shaft through EI, I switched to using constant weight taper shafts exclusively. It is only recently, in the preparation of this review and another parallel shaft that I developed a new appreciation for the genre. For a full discussion, read the article Parallel vs Constant Weight Shafts.

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 Datasheet  DataSheet KBS C-Taper Lite

  • Danny S

    Great discussion as always Russ. Thanks for continuing to share the knowledge!

  • Bob Gomavitz

    Russ, I have had a CT Lite taper tip (shimmed) in my backup Burner 2.0 7 iron for most of the season. My main set is a set of Burner 2.0’s with KBS Tours. I did not pull the shaft in the 7 iron with the KBS Tours so I am not sure if my set is Taper or Parallel from the factory. I am guessing Parallel for now. What I found interesting is was the two clubs weighed out very close to each other even though one should be 120 grams and the other 110 grams. ( 433 grams to 428 grams)

    I am sitting on a set of New Taper Tip CT Lite’s for my back up set (which have PX 6.0 Flighted) but have yet to install them because of two reasons. One, minor weight changed. Two, I heard that Parallels were to be coming out and felt it would be best to install .370 shafts into .370 heads.

    Sounds like I would be gaining shaft weight (118 to 110) and some head weight if I put the Parallel’s in and the set would become slighty Flighted.

    I hit both shafts great in my Burners (KBS Tours and the solo CT Lite in the 7 iron) and it’s hard to see much of a difference between the two other them maybe lower flight.

    What do you think? Parallel’s or Taper Tip? Can you comment on the differences that you have seen between KBS Tours in Parallel’s verses C Taper Lite’s?

    Love your site and love reading the great info