KBS Golf Shaft Review


By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas


Kim Braly

The KB in the KBS brand are the initial of Kim Braly, Kim started in golf shaft design at Royal Precision. He and his dad, Dr. Joe Braly, were the first to bring a trailer to PGA Tournament events.  Kim was part of the team that developed frequency matching, the Rifle shaft and the Project X shaft.  Royal Precision went bankrupt, the remains were acquired by True Temper.  The Project X brand name is still with us today, but it is now owned and made by True Temper.  This interview was shot in 2011 at the Byron Nelson Championship.  The C-Taper shaft had just been introduced.  Kim Braly actively works on the PGA Tour, getting feedback on his designs from the best golfers in the world.

KBS shafts are made by FST.  They recruited Kim a number of years ago to develop tour grade golf shafts. The first product was the KBS tour.  It was followed a few years later the the C-Taper.  Lets take a look at the profiles of these two shafts.

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The custom fitter can get subflex models.  A 115 gram R+ and a 125g S+ fit between the 110g R, 120g S and the 130g X.  A knowledgeable fitter can also soft step or hard step to adjust flighting while maintaining weight.  Hard stepping means putting the 7i shaft into the 6i.  This slightly lowers the flighting while maintaining the 115 gram weight of the shaft.  The KBS Tour gives a good fitter a wide range of fitting options.  It is my preference in iron fitting with steel.

  • Single R.

    I just got my kbs tour 90s fitted on my irons. Lower ball flight. Penetrating. Drop dead on the greens. My swing speed is about 100. Money well spent.

  • ktgolfer

    Are the Butt Stiffness and Tip/Butt Ratio numbers correct in the table comparing KBS Tour 90S, KBS Tour 120S and KBS Tour C Taper 120S? In your review of the KBS Tour C Taper Lite, the KBS Tour C Taper 120S is listed with a butt stiffness of 13.8 and 0.82 tip/butt ratio, whereas above they are shown as 18.4 & 0.62. A butt stiff of 16.4 for the KBS Tour 90S seems excessively high.

    • DevotedGolfer

      Thanks for pointing this out. I updated the table from the software which is constantly evolving. I may have pulled the wrong columns when this table was created. I am trying to make the numbers more meaningful as we move forward.

      • ktgolfer

        Thank you for the great resource that you provide to the rest of us who have an obsession with golf shafts. Your numbers now match my experience with the KBS Tour 120 S closely matching the Project X 5.5 on stiffness (via frequency measurements and subjective feel), but with a slightly higher launch from the KBS Tour related to the lower tip/butt ratio. Do you have similar measurements for the KBS Tour 110 R, 115 R+ and 125 S+?

  • ema

    I tried a V Tour before order my new set Mizuno Mp25 with a C Taper Lite (0.25 more lenght). Result: much more flex than the shaft I Tried before, especially with PW, 8 and 9 (!). What happened ?

  • Sam

    Seriously you have 100mph plus on your irons? I call BS.

  • Ryan Ennis

    I like the feel and weight of these shafts in the 130 X. But I tend to launch the long irons a little low due to how I deliver the loft. Would you recommend soft stepping these, or dropping down to S+? My 6iron swing speed is 100 mph. Thanks

    • Ryan, You might first try bending your long irons to add a bit more loft. That is going to have more effect than what your are thinking. Very small changes in shaft weight and flex may help but bending the heads is a very effective alternative. If you like the weight of the 130’s soft stepping will give about a third of a flex change. The S+ will loose 5 grams and give a half flex change. Another alternative to test is using a higher launch head design in the long irons.