Mitsubishi Diamana BF Golf Shaft Review

Mitsubishi Diamana BF-Series Fourth Generation Blue Board

By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas


Mitsubishi has released the fourth generation of the classic Blue Profile. Like the third generation B, it is made using the proprietary high density Mitsubishi prepreg, Dialed and Mitsubishi MR70 fiber. The fiber is 20% stronger and 10% heavier than conventional prepreg. New is Boron Fiber is added to the tip section of the Diamana BF. One might assume that is what the BF indicates. What exactly can we see in the shaft measurements between the Third Generation B series and the BF.

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  • Mike Day

    How would you compare this to the Tensei Blue or the KK XM? Love the Blue profile but trying to decide which is best.


    • The Blue and the XM are different. I have been fitting now for a few months with the Tensei Blue and White. The XM/XT have been a favorite for many years. The knee point of the Tensei Blue is higher up the shaft and the tip stiffness is firmer. This is subtle stuff. You have to try them side by side to determine which is a better fit for your swing dynamics.

      • Amit Singh

        How does the BF compare to the Diamana Thump? The profile looks very similar. Will the BF be a good fairway shaft like the Thump?

  • Evan Markley

    Looking at the 5lb deflection numbers….Shouldn’t the stiffer shafts have less deflection?

    • Sorry, the label on the chart is not correct. It should read deflection lbs at 4″. It will be fixed in future reviews. The number is pounds, the procedure is to deflect 1″, zero the scale, then deflect 4″ more and read the result off a load cell. The 1″ removes any anomoly that might be caused by shaft curvature.

    • Thanks for point out an error I made in labeling the charts. The process is to deflect the shaft 1″ to remove any anomaly that curvature would cause, zero the scale and deflect it 4 more inches. Then read the number off a load cell.

      • Evan Markley

        That makes sense, thanks for the clarification!
        It looks like the Tour AD GP deflection numbers use the other method, is there any way I could compare these two shafts? (Which seem to have especially similar profiles from 32” down to the tip)

  • Paresh amin

    Hey Russ. Will you evaluate the new Diamana DF shafts?