Mitsubishi Diamana Thump Fairway Review

Mitsubishi Diamana Thump Fairway

By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

The Diamana Thump name has been used before in a line of iron shafts and in a hybrid shaft. The irons have been discontinued. The Diamana Thump Hybrid is still available, now a special order item. It is my all time favorite Hybrid shaft and has been in my bag for a very, very long time. When I saw the name thump applied to a fairway shaft I had high expectations, and the measurements of this shaft met them. Mitsubishi discontinued the Fubuki AX Fairway shaft in 2014. It occupied a unique niche, a fairway only shaft, 43″ long uncut, at $250 MSRP, with all the unique qualities of the premium Mitsubishi $400 driver shafts. The Diamana Thump Fairway once again fills this niche. At $250 it puts delivers premium quality at a more approachable price point.

As I worked my way through the measurement of this shaft I left torque for last. Everything looked very good, would the torque be low enough to compete with the premium Diamana’s I have been using in custom fitted fairways. The answer, yes. Tip zone torques of 2.3 in the 70 and 80 gram versions put it into that special class of shafts that can comfortably control the extra weight of a fairway and maintain club head alignment during a preimpact brush with the turf.

Radial quality of the review samples was 99.6% with a 0.4% standard deviation. Translation: shafts don’t get any rounder, don’t bother with alignment and use this shaft without reservation in a rotating hosel fairway head. Look again at those torque numbers. This is a high launch design, something most of us want in our fairways. The typical shaft that delivers high launch is also high torque. If the stock shaft in your fairway has a tendency to create hooks when you lean on it, you should consider replacing it with the Diamana Thump Fairway. Replacing your stock fairway shaft with the Diamana Thump will create a club you can trust.Fairway_Diamana_MyFavorites

I have built countless numbers of custom fit fairway metals with the Diamama Red and the KuroKage Proto TiNi driver shafts. They launch high, with adequate spin to deliver drop and stop shots. The Diamama Thump Fairway, at about 60% of the price, has a very similar design. It is a bit stiffer in the butt section which for those with an abrupt transition is a good thing. The profile of these shaft from high mid to tip is hard to tell apart. And they all sit in the same torque range. The Thump Fairway and the KuroKage Tour Proto TiNi have much the same hoop strength.

Here is feedback from my first sale, “Went away to Atlanta for a golf weekend with the new Thump shaft in my 3 wood. I was embarrassed hitting it consistently 250 yards in the fairway and 10 yards past my partners’ driver tee shots. Didn’t bother pulling out my driver the last 36 holes. Too bad it can’t help my putting!”  Robert V.

  • Jake Couch

    Awesome review. How would this shaft compare to the Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 70…not the xt or proto, the standard Silver TiNi? I liked that shaft in the nike covert tour, and am having some hooking issues with my Callaway XR with the stock shaft, so I thought this review interesting. I was thinking about swapping the Kuro Kage into my new XRs, but might give these a look.

    • DevotedGolfer

      The KK Silver TINI has a softer butt and slightly higher tip/butt ratio. Translation, it is likely to launch lower and disperse a little more. if you are looking to tighten up a fairway, get that stock shaft installed where it belongs, in a dumpster and put a quality shaft in play. I like high launching high spinning fairways because I aim at greens with them. I want the ball to stay put where it lands. If that is your game, use one of the shafts mentioned in the review.

      • Richard

        How would this shaft
        compare to a Oban Kiyoshi purple or and oban revenge

        • Interesting question, the purple is a close match. The Revenge has a much firmer tip.

  • Golfbaka

    What sort of cut weights are you getting with these shafts versus your standard 46 inch shafts trimmed to fairway lengths?

    • Sorry for the delayed reply. Between a shoulder operation and the holidays I have not been monitoring comments. Good question. I compared a 41.5″ KuroKage Proto 7s from my driver with a Thump 7s from the fitting system. The Thump is a little less than 2 grams heavier at 73.6g.

  • Jake

    How does the thump compare to the Ilima?

  • Jim

    What weight do recommend? I’m a 57 year old 8 handicap that has been playing for 50 years. Problem hooking 3 wood especially off the tee. Swing speed about 95 -100 & tend to have a quick transition.

    • This shaft is the cure for fairway hooks caused by unstable shafts. Without seeing you interact with the shaft, I would start with the 70S at your swing speed.

  • rob

    a little late to the conversation here…just wondering how the thump would compare to the S+/blueboards in a fairway head…i was thinking the 85x thump or the S+ 90x in a 3 or 5 wood…thanks

  • George

    any thoughts about putting this shaft into a 43-43.5″ driver build with 200-202 g driver head? ss 100-105 with an aggressive transition?

    currently using D+80 stiff in fairways

    • Hum, 200-202 grams at 100+ is borderline, but, if it fits, go for it. These are great shafts at their price point. One might even consider using them with a butt extender glued in. Let me know if it works, I have thought about it, but never got around to building a driver with this shaft.

  • Amit Singh

    How does the 2017 version of Thump compare to the model you measured? Although the graphics and description have been changed on MCA’s website, the weight, torque, and other specs seem to be the same. Will the 2017 version also be mid-high launch and spin?

  • George

    following up on the question from below, Russ, have you been able to test the 2017 thump fairway shaft? I see that you’ve tested the new Thump hybrid and iron shafts which is great. Interested to hear your take on the new fairway. There have been some murmurings that the new shaft is lower launching

    • I have been using it and don’t see any difference. I was advised by MRC that the update was simply to the graphics. I have some of the new fairways on the bench, I will compare the profiles to the old ones.
      I am now playing the new Thump Hybrid. I cannot truly say I can comment on higher vs lower launch because I changed heads. The new tip is slightly stiffer however I put M4 heads on the new Thumps and could not be happier. My playing buddies are not happy. I built a bit longer to compensate for age related speed loss and am hitting through the greens. Oh well, it is an easy fix, choke up a bit. If I have anything to say about the stiffer tip it is that I am hitting 95% of the greens I am aiming at. As always with the Thumps, a pure ball strikes deliver a wonderful feel to your hands. You know you just crushed a shot.