Mitsubishi Fubuki J Golf Shaft

Mitsubishi Fubuki J Driver Shaft

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

The fourth generation Fubuki, the Fubuki J, released to Mitsubishi Golf Club Fitters in June of 2014. It is still in play, the unique pattern was hard to miss in the final round of the 2016 Open. The Fubuki J is an update of the second generation Fubuki, the Fubuki Alpha. I see the Fubuki family as two different profiles and discussed them in an earlier article. Here is a quick overview of the two profiles.

MRC_Fubuki_TourvsK The original Fubuki Tour and the Fubuki K,introduced a few years later, are very much like the Diamana White and the second generation White, the ‘ahina. The third generation White, the Diamana ‘W” series is a different profile. The Fubuki Tour was discontinued in 2014. The Fubuki K is still in the product line.
MRC_Fubuki_AvsJThe second generation Fubuki Alpha and the fourth generation Fubuki J are also the same profile. They similar yet subtly different than the Diamana ‘ilima and the KuroKage Proto TINI. The differences make these unique designs that must be tested to find your best fit.


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  • sidurian

    Great review – technically correct and informative. Wonder if the author still has the fubuki j50 in his bag!?!?

    • DevotedGolfer

      Your comment brought me back to this review, which I have not seen in some time. A lot of shafts come and go and I regret that I do not remember everything I ever wrote, I forgot this review. Yes, the shaft is still in the bag. It is on its third head since I wrote this. The KuroKage Proto TiNi and a few others got in for a few weeks, but the 50X Fubuki J is back, now in an R15 head.

  • arnaud

    Hi, I’m an independent clubmaker in France, really interested in the J series. I was just wondering why you chose to game an X flex with a SS of 94mph ?? Regards.

    • Shafts stiffness is a function of both weight and flex. You must read the two together to understand the shaft. The 50X falls between the 60S and 60X. And in the MRC line, that is just about were a 94mph swing fits in my experience. Weight, shaft or head will move a golfers release. Too much weight and the head is rotating through impact, Too little and it is hard to drop the release below parallel to the ground on the downswing. That is a general rule, every golfer reacts in their own particular way to weight and balance. The better golfer can hit anything. That is when the fitting process becomes art.

  • Jeff

    Hello Russ. I’m a big fan of your shaft reviews. In the case of the Alpha and the J, you
    suggest that tipping would cut away the designed stiffness of the tip of the shaft. What is your recommendation on tipping the Alpha for use as a fairway shaft? Mitsubishi is recommending a 1/2″ in 3 wood.