Mitsubishi Fubuki Z and Fubuki ZT Golf Shaft Review

Mitsubishi Fubuki Zeta & Fubuki Zeta Tour Driver Golf Shafts
Callaway Big Bertha 2014 Stock Driver Shafts

By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

Fubuki Z


Several years ago Mitsubishi Rayon began making high quality shaft models for the golf club manufacturers. These designs closely resemble the Mitsubishi Rayon premium shafts. The Fubuki Zeta and Fubuki Zeta Tour continue this tradition. The driver market has settled in on a $400 price point and most premium shafts range from $300 to $850.  For some, these prices are justified by performance, for others, they are not.

drivers-2014-big-berthaThe 2014 Callaway Big Bertha stock shaft is the Fubuki Zeta or simply Fubuki Z. For those that are familiar with Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts, the shaft design is indicated by the little letter that is left of the weight.

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  • Brian

    How would you compare the fubuki zeta to the diamana s+?

    • DevotedGolfer

      An interesting question. I do not have first hand experience with the Diamana S+ as I fit with the premium versions. The Zeta and the S+ are all cut from the same cloth. Torque is functionally the same, deflection the same, tip to butt rations very similar. The Zeta Tour and the S+ are balanced slightly higher. The differences are subtle. The Zeta, Zeta Tour and the S+ are very close to one another from a bend profile perspective. These are all very good shafts, but, they do not have the shaft to shaft consistency found in the premium Mitsubishi shafts. The differences in bend profiles between these shafts falls inside the range of shaft variation noise seen in the review samples. That is a wordy way of saying they are about the same.

      • Brian

        Thanks for the reply?

        Just one more question, how about the fubuki zeta and s+ to the original blueboard?

    • DevotedGolfer

      Different beasts. The S+ is modeled after the classic Blue Board profile, soft mid. The Z and ZT look more like a Red Board Design. Firm mid with a rapid loss of stiffness through out the shaft.

  • Mickael T Sardina

    I want to tip the Z 50 S 1 inch for a little lower, flatter and tighter shot. Any thoughts?
    3 handicap swing speed 107, in a ping g30 ls……. ?????

    • DevotedGolfer

      When you see the stiffness of a shaft tip turning upward tipping will cut away the stiffness. I don’t tip such shafts, I get a stiffer, heavier model and leave the tips alone

  • Niklas Myrnas


    Do you think that the ZT 60 S could be a good fitt for a Great Big Bertha 3 wood?


    • The profile is one that I like in fairways. However, depending on your swing speed the 60S is light for a fairway. I generally fit the 70 gram shafts into fairways. The weight adds tip stability.

      • Niklas Myrnas

        Thanks for your answer. My swing speed in my normal “on course” swing is around 94 with a moderate tempo. Relatively soft turn on the top and quite late wrists.

        Thanks again.

  • Dave The Ammo Psycho

    I have a swing speed of about 105. I have been fitted with a Grafalloy ProLaunch Red and Aldila NV S shafts on my drivers. I have a Taylormade R1 driver and am thinking about getting a Fubuki shaft to replace the stock shaft. Which Fubuki shaft would you recommend. I prefer a low to medium ball flight with low to medium spin. Thanks!

    • Of the currently available Fubuki’s the K is like a Diamana ‘ahina, second gen white. It is a low launch, low spin design. You are most likely to fit the 6X with your speed.

  • Peter Reidman


    Great review and thank you.

    If you’re still around…

    Are there any swing speed recommendations for flex on the z or zt? I know that just one variable in fitting but generally with that guideline I can factor in shaft weight and make a decision to start with. (I’m a 94ss with moderate transition and improving upward) and based on where I fall in their recommended SS ratings I can either choose a heavier regular or a lighter s flex.

    No where really to try these out live but they are suddenly readily available in the aftermarket at great prices.

    Thanks for your help and thanks again for the great reviews on your site.


    • Peter,
      Swing Speed is one of many factors involved in shaft selection. That said, I have a gut feel for MRC products because I have fit with them for years. At your swing speed I would start with the 6S and test both sides. You might be comfortable on either side. That is the art of fitting.

  • Nocke Chiangmai

    The callaway adapter has two adjustable rings and does not rotate the shaft when adjusting.
    I really thought you knew that…

    • The original tour model was as you described. The first gen consumer version did not, but the ones I have seen lately do as you say, maintaining shaft orientation. It is unique in the business.

  • Dylan Fulbright

    I have a ZT 80 X in my 9.5° 910D2. I love the way it flexes through my swing. However, I am still spinning the ball a little bit more than I want to at my S/S. High launch, mid spin. Do you think this is just because my driver head is relatively high spin compared to newer models? I have a pretty high ball flight period, and only settled on this shaft because I found a good deal on eBay and needed to replace a broken shaft.

    • When I look at these shaft profiles I see a high launch design. With launch comes spin unless you can deliver launch with a positive angle of attack on a low lofted head.

  • Nocke Chiangmai

    I like your site and your reviews, but I will not pay $10/year to read what I can read on other sites for free…

    • Nathan

      I’m Happy to pay $10 for everything I have learned from this site so far, let alone what I may find here in the future.

      • Thanks Nathan, the subscription money tells me people appreciate my efforts and have inspired me to to keep adding content as well as going back to some of the more popular models and updating the reviews with my latest generation of measuring technology.

  • John Clarke

    I recently bought a Callaway fairwood #4 at the closing of Golfsmith. The shaft is a Fubuki AT 50 5ct Flex A. My question is what is FLex A?

    • David D’Ambrosia

      Adult flex, light flex, old man flex…?