Mitsubishi KuroKage XM Driver Shaft Review

Mitsubishi KuroKage XM Driver

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

Some shafts are simply too good to change. The Mitsubishi KuroKage Proto TiNi is one such shaft. The new KuroKage XM is the KuroKage Proto with new graphics and a wider range of weights. It is promoted as a mid launch – mid spin shaft. I view launch and spin as a propensity not an absolute. Your angle of attack, the club head loft,  where you strike and how the shaft, interacting with your loading and release, deliver the head are all part of the launch and spin equation. The XM, in the right hands, is not what I would define as mid launch / mid spin. But, shaft companies have to fill in those words for the golfing public.

The Mitsubishi website has always presented shaft EI graphics alongside their verbal descriptions. If you spend years looking at those charts and testing them on a wide range of golfers they being to have meaning. I view the difference between the KuroKage XM and the KuroKage XT as more feel related than launch. The XT has a stiffness bump low mid. That bump does contribute to a lower launch, but more important, gives a better sense of tip stability to a hard swinging late release golfer.

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  • Jake

    I play and was fitted for a KK XT 60 stiff in the driver, and I play Ilimas in my FW metals (3,5,7) would this be a good compliment to the XT for FW metals? Would there be a huge difference over the Ilimas?

    • The XM is a great fairway shaft. The ball will come out a bit lower than the ilima. The ilima is a GREAT fairway shaft. If you like those high spinning drop and stop shots, stay with the ilima.

      • Jake

        Thanks for the reply. I’ll stick with the Ilimas, and maybe try the XM next time I upgrade my FWs

  • Kevin

    You mentioned that the KK XM is basically KK proto 2013 with new graphics. How similar are they? I currently game the KK proto 2013 60g S in my driver.

  • ATLMetsfan

    Hi Russ,
    Do you have a general idea of how much say 1/2″ of tipping would affect that 5 lb. deflection number?

    I have a 60TX driver in the XM that I want to tip and put in play. I play the 70TX in my 3 wood. Would 1/2 inch bring the 5.4 deflection number up to the 5.7 we see in 70g weight class. Thanks!

    • Interesting question. I grabbed a shaft in the shop and checked it. Not the same shaft, but in the same weigh / stiffness range. The difference was 2 to 3 ounces. The comes to around .15 lb.