Nippon Modus3 Tour 125 Golf Shaft Review

Nippon Modus3 Tour 125 Iron Shaft

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

Modus3System3ShaftThe Nippon Modus3 line released in the US in May 2015, it is available through Nippon Certified Dealers. I got my first look at two pullouts that were used at the PGA merchandise show two months ago. The profile was described to me as splitting the other two versions. The Modus3 profiles are unique. Nippon has put their substantial technical knowledge into the material and fabrication of these shafts.

There have been substantial changes to my measuring software since this shaft was first reviewed in May 2015. This update to the original review is based on remeasuring with the 4 point hoop deformation. It includes DataSheets for the golf professional subscribers.

The technical discussion, measurements and testing results are available only to registered readers

  • Marc

    Would you say the Modus3 125 would be the closet compliment to the Modus Wedge shaft with regards to EI Profile? How about the Zelos8? Thanks.

    • DevotedGolfer

      Not exactly, but it is a good compliment to the 125 design. Actually I had to go to the shop just now an measure it. It had been laying here waiting for me to get to it. It is very close to the SuperPeening Orange wedge shaft. A little stiffer butt a little softer tip. As a mate to a Modus3 125 set, it looks much like a progression in that set. As you look at the illustration above of the flighting of the set, put another shaft above the wedge with about as much difference as there is between the 6i and the W.

      I did a review of the Zelos8. If you are asking if the Modus3 125 Wedge is a mate to the Zelos8, abosolute not. Its a beast next to the Zelos8. The 105 is close, just a slight step up from the Zelos8 wedge shaft.

  • Evan

    I’m not familiar with your tip/ butt ratio and balance measurements. I’m assuming one, if not both, represent weight distribution in the shaft? I am tall and fit into +3/4″ iron length, but like to keep the swing weight average D3-d4. I have the modus 120x in my irons now, they are more neutral balanced than most shafts I’ve tried. How would the other Modus offerings compare when building longer than standard irons? I am particularly interested in trying the modus 125 and 105 in x flex.

    • DevotedGolfer

      Tip/Butt ratio is the stiffness of the tip when clamped vs the stiffness of the butt when clamped. This has little to do with balance. The balance number is the distance from the tip that the shaft balances. That gives you some idea of the weight distribution of the shaft. The 6i shaft in the Modus3 120 and the new 125 are shown in the chart above. To date I have only seen one set of the new 105’s. The 6i of the S flex was 106 grams. If you like the feel of what you have, why change? If you are going to change, look at other shafts that weigh about the same, 120g. Weight and balance have a huge impact on release and control of the club through the swing. if you feel the need to experiment, do so with the same weight as what you have discovered. Try other stiffness and profiles, keeping weight as your grounding principle. Have fun, once you have tuned in the weight, you will be consistent. And with consistency, you can discover how differences in stiffness and design affect flight and feel.

  • Eric

    I played 1150 for a few years and thought my ball flight was little high, so I moved to 120 to try and bring it down. I believe I made a big mistake and wasted a few dollars in the process by not getting fit. Can you tell me how the Modus 125 stiff compare the 1150GH stiff? Thanks for the help.

    • The 1150 is unique. It has a very stiff butt section for its weight. The 125 S has much the same profile as the 1150, but it is heavier. And heavier means stiffer. Stiff will bring your ball flight down. It is worth a try, or just go with the 1150 X. The 125 goes stiffer in the tip than the 1150 design. Again, a propensity to lower ball flight.

  • Jonathan Lo

    Would you considea purine these shafts?

    • Jonathan Lo

      Sorry puring

      • Look at the article on Golf Shaft Radial Quality to understand how I feel about puring shafts. The process is explained in detail. The short answer, NO, puring does nothing if the shaft is good to start with and if it is bad enough that puring will help it play as if it was a decent shaft you have to ask yourself why you would be playing with a shaft that bad in the first place. When I say in a review, as I did in this one, the Radial Quality is Excellent, no form of shaft alignment, which is what puring is, is needed.

        • I have this argument all the time with ppl. Anything top ntoch from GD, Aldila or Fuji all you do is have funny looking graphics from puring and a shaft label that shows you got sold ; )

  • Mark

    had a chance to hit the modus 120 S out on the course – here is some feedback that maybe you could comment on.

    When I was at the club champion fitting I noticed the “kick” at impact that everyone talks about (with a 6i)
    When I had the shafts out on the range (hitting off Bermuda turf) I didnt notice or feel it.
    My fitter soft stepped my 120 stiffs 1x which should make the shafts softer by 1/3 flex as well as changing the lie on my heads 1 degree up. I dont think soft stepping them would change the profile to eliminate the kick do you?

  • ATLMetsfan

    Bit confused by some of the data, Russ. Tip-butt ratios for the dynamic gold are right around 80%, same for the C-taper. I would expect to see the Modus 125 in the same ballpark but its a whole 20% difference. Did you change your methods with the Nippons?

    • Thanks for point that out. I am in the process of working through the Modus3 shafts again. The software was being rewritten when this review was written. I recognized now that the software rewrite that factored in hoop deformation the entire Modus line needed to be reevaluated. I started with the 105’s. The 125’s are in the shop. When those are done and returned to Nippon I will remeasure the 120 and 130.

  • George Giannakis

    You say here that the profile is similar to the dynamic gold (talking x flex here) but with a stiffer tip. Would you expect these to launch lower / have lower spin when compared to dynamic gold. 125x Vs. X100?

  • Dean Rule

    Hi Russ, to continue with the balance point questions and to help me understand (i did try to find related articles) which shaft will swing weight heavier between the 120 and the 125 given the balance point differences?