Nippon N.S.Pro Modus 105 Review

Nippon N.S.Pro Modus3 Tour 105

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas


The N.S Pro Modus3 Tour105 was released to the US public in August 2015. I had seen a set of these earlier in the year, labeled Prototype ST. The Modus3 Tour 105 is the same shaft that has been available on tour for several months. The word Prototype has been replaced with Modus3. I have been told it was put in play by a number of players. Lighter weight iron shafts are gaining broader acceptance in the tour community.

I am revisiting this review with a new look at the charts and numbers. As I prepared graphics for a speech to European club fitters I saw something in the charts that got my attention. A close look at the shafts confirmed what I saw in the graphics. 

The profile charts and measurements are available only to registered readers

This is a discussion about Nippon Golf Shaft shot at the 2016 PGA Merchandise show. Be warned, it is a technical discussion between technical fitters.

The English Nippon Shaft site has been significantly updated recently. The update shows and explains the EI profiles of the Modus products. The section of that site that discusses EI profiles is excerpted below.  When one of my fitting associates happened on it, I got a call telling me they copied my graphics. I had to explain, sorry, in fact, they were first, I copied them. Nippon and the other major shaft companies have designed and manufactured shafts with 3 point EI software for decades. It is only now, that the golfer and club makers are developing literacy in the language  of the shaft engineer.
NipponWebGraphicsNippon is one of the few shaft companies that has for many years explained and defined their products to club fitters with EI graphics. The other is Mitsubishi Rayon. The 2015 Fujikura shaft product brochure does the same. This is the language by which one can under the subtle nuances of today’s shaft choices.

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  • BigEddie

    Can you tell me how the modus 105 would compare with the 1150 tours or are they completely different?

    • They are quite different. The 1150 has a very stiff butt. However, when I opened the software, quite by chance, the Projext PXi 120 5.5 was on the screen . When I pulled up the Modus3 tour 105 S I found a perfect match. That is interesting. The Modus a a few grams lighter, but the shafts are much the same in all aspects, EI, GJ and hoop stiffness. You will have a hard time telling them apart.

  • Andreas

    Can you please compare Modus 105 to KBS Tour each in Stiff? Thanks.

  • Todd

    Any chance you can explain the influence of added length of the 105? Let’s say 1.5″ over your “standard” length. Is the flex going to drop dramatically? Is there a close to one to one with hard stepping and adding X amount of length to keep flex? Say, hard stepping X2 and adding the 1.5″ flex profile difference between straight in std length, head weight being to same.
    Thanks, Todd.

    • Wow, 1.5 long on a light weight relatively soft 105 gram shaft. Not certain I would do that without building a test club before I did a set. You can always put an extender in a fitting club and see what it feels like.

      • Todd

        Well, they are the ST prototypes. I’m mostly sure it’s the same profile and all as the 105’s? Is that correct from what you’ve seen. They have a XX version that’s supposed to be very very stiff, maybe I should look into getting those.

  • Hamza

    Hi can someone please compare modus 3 105 and shimada tour lite shafts ?

    • I can do that if you can get the shimada’s sent to me.

      • Mathew

        Would you be so kind to summarize the differences now you have the data for the Shimada Tour Lite. It would be great to gain an understanding specifically against butt/tip stiffness and if you would expect one to launch higher and or spin more

    • Matthew

      Would you kindly summarize the NS pro 1050 against the Modus 105. It would be great to gain an understanding specifically against butt/tip stiffness and if you would expect one to launch higher and or spin more

  • josh

    So I have played DG X100 forever but they actually seem to spin and launch way to high for me. SS with a 6i is 97 and on Mizuno optimizer the 105 was actually the number one result for me. What makes the shaft different where the 105 would fit and the x100 would not. Late release, hard pull down in transition.

    • Josh,
      Going for a DGX100 to a 105 gram shaft based on numbers off a fitting stick is not something I would recommend. Find a good club fitter, which is different from a club seller pretending to fit and get both your swing and you gear analyzed. In the world of shafts, the DGX100 is one of the lower launching beasts on the market. Perhaps they are to heavy and are throwing off your release timing. ???? this is not a problem that can be solved over an internet conversation you need to find a good pro.

  • Steve Seidel

    I have hit the Pro Modus 105 in a taper tip. Would the .370 tip version play very similar to the .355 tip shafts. My Callaway Apex irons have .370 hosel I believe.

    • There is no difference between them, just how the tips were shaped in the foundry.

  • Matthew

    Would you kindly summarize the NS pro 1050 / Shimada Tour Lite against the Modus 105. It would be great to gain an understanding specifically against butt/tip stiffness and if you would expect one to launch higher and or spin more

    • Mathew,
      I am now working my way through the Shimada product line as they are now distributed by Oban. Stay tuned, there are stacks of them in my office.

  • gary smith6

    I enjoyed the feel of the NS pro 950gh in stiff .That bend and kick helped me time things well .the ball flight was a little to high though.
    After looking at th EI chart I`m expecting the Modus 105 tour stiff to load up and feel very simular yet produce highish more penetrating flight.
    Would I be correct thinking they will feel very simular?

  • Douglas Knox

    This is a post I made on the NSPRO 950 Thread.

    I like an iron shaft weight in the 95 to 105 gram range… but tend to strike irons on a little too low trajectory with not enough spin. 7 iron (31 deg loft) with NSPRO 950 R: 18 deg launch, 5000 rpm, swing speed of ~ 82 mph, ball speed ~ 110 mph, and carry ~ 150 yards with 10 yards roll out. Thus I am looking for a soft tip steel shaft that might promote a little more spin and a higher ball flight. I’m buying some TM P790s and don’t have access to very sophisticated club fitting (because I am left handed and live in Asia).

    I was wondering if any of the following would help me achieve more back spin and higher trajectory in my my mid irons: 1. soft stepping 1 or 2 steps; or 2. adding 1/2″ in shaft length; or both? And should I stick with the NSPRO 950 R… or maybe try the modus 3 105 with additional soft-stepping? I am a good ball striker… but simply do not create high trajectories nor spin.

    Any fitter (DevotedGolfer…) here with some advice? I can only order from a limited number of shaft options for Taylor Made… including the NSPRO 950GH and the NSPRO Modus3 Tour 105. Am also wondering if NSPRO 950GH FW or 950GH HT would be even a better fit for me.. even if it might be an effort to get them?

    • Douglas, Look at the Modus3 120R review. You will see that it is not a 120 gram shaft. It tends to launch high and I believe it is available as an option at TaylorMade. A wise man without access to a skilled fitting pro would order a single club and try it before buying an entire set. The P790 is a great head. I just tried the TaylorMade online ordering site. The Modus3 120R is an available shaft option.

  • Johnny Hershberger

    I went to a Mizuno fitting day to hit the 900 series, I was fit for a modus3 105 stiff, I went back a week later to hit the club’s again and had a chance to hit the hot metal with a recoil 95 f4 shaft in it. I went back and forth between the 2 shafts and to me the recoil was alittle smoother and front to back dispersion was about the same. Spin numbers were alittle on the lower side but my height was good so I can live with that. How do these 2 shafts compare?

    • Johnny, the overall stiffness is the same. Torque on the recoil 95 is just a bit higher which may contribute to your “a little smoother” feel. The modus 105 is a bit softer butt and tip, making the EI profile more linear. The Recoil 95 goes harder, tip and butt, creating what can also be called a mid soft design. Despite the claims by UST that they softened the hoop strength to create kick, The hoop of the recoil, like all carbon fiber iron shafts is significantly greater than the Modus 105. Material contributes to feel, carbon fiber has a tendency to absorb vibration more than steel. That may also contribute to ‘smooth’.
      I cannot tell from your comment if you hit the same head on both shafts. That is necessary if you want to compare shafts only. The profiles indicate the modus will contribute slightly to launch, but the differences as so small it will be insignificant.

  • ATLMetsfan

    What is the area under the EI curve on the Modus 105 X? Thanks!

    • Ah Ha, you understand the value of this cross brand, cross model metric. Ok, R = 16, S = 17, X = 18.
      Good Golf,