Project X HZRDUS Black Driver Shaft Review

Project X HZRDUS Black Driver Shaft

By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

HZDRUS Black Image

The Project X brand is a flagship in the golf shaft business. The brand started as an unstepped steel shaft and has morphed into carbon fiber driver and hybrid shafts. This shaft, like the Project X loading zone that came before it is hand made in the US under tight quality control processes.

The product information from True Temper tells us the shaft has a firmer midsection than the Loading Zone model. And indeed it does, lets look at the numbers:

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  • Jesse

    Will tipping this shaft be a problem or change the characteristics of the shaft?

    • When you see a shaft get stiffer near the tip, realize you will be cutting some of the stiffness away and moving the soft spot you see in the profile closer to the tip of the shaft. Will that be a good thing? Not usually.