Project X Iron Shaft Review

Rifle Project X Iron Shaft Review

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas


The Precision Rifle Project X has been with us for a very long time. It somehow got missed when I was in the early days of measuring the vast number of shafts in the market. I noticed its absence when I measured the Project X LZ model. It was originally made by Royal Precision Shaft Company in Connecticut. They were acquired by TrueTemper and the production was moved to Tennessee.  You will see many of the best players in the world playing this shaft. Compared to a Dynamic Gold X100, it is slightly softer in the butt and stiffer in the Mid. Unlike the TrueTemper Dynamic Gold, the  Project X profile is the same for all weight/stiffness variations. The heavier the shaft the stiffer it gets. The profile remains the same for all flex designations.

Lets look at the profile:

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My friend and mentor, Dave Tutelman posted this comment in another discussion of the shaft stiffness range metric. I cannot express my thoughts about this new metric any better than he did. “A big advantage of “measuring” shaft stiffness by plotting the EI curve is that you can do mathematical operations like this. You chose a simple one, with simple arithmetic. But it isn’t that hard to use a butt-biased weighting function that will predict frequency, or a tip-biased weighting function to predict trajectory height. The combination of a known EI profile and spreadsheet capabilities means it’s just arithmetic. As we understand shafts better, EI will not become obsolete; just the way we use and display it will.”


  • ATLMetsfan

    Curious that the 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0 all have the same 5 lb deflection no? Similar torques too. Is it possible that the 7.0 is much stiffer than the 6.0 but would have the same 5 lb deflection?

    • Yes the differences are quite small. I am now using a different number to define stiffness of a shaft, Area Under the EI curve. I sums each of the points on the EI curve and divides by the number of points. Every inch of the shaft has an equal weight in the definition of the shafts stiffness. For this shaft the numbers are 19, 19, 20, 21, 21 in order down the table. They do change in weight as they get to higher numbers. You will find the fit in the model as much with weight as with stiffness.

      • ATLMetsfan

        That’s awesome info. I think I am switching to this shaft. I like the flex of the 6.0, only one I’ve played, but want a little more weight and feel. I know you’re on WRX, and I’m sure you’re familiar with Howard, the fitter from Denmark (I think its Denmark). He says in PX you get more feel in the heavier weights soft stepped vs straight in lighter. If I soft stepped the 6.5 once or the 7.0 twice you think I’d accomplish what I am looking for considering that the flexes aren’t miles apart between the 3. Obviously speaking in generalities, but curious if you’ve had similar experience with the PX. Thanks!