We do our shaft testing with humans not robots. But we use humans that have robot like swings, ­čÖé They have the┬árepeatably in their swings to give us numbers we can use in comparisons of how a shaft influences launch, spin, dispersion and distance. ┬áBut, most important, they can tell us the most important thing about a shaft that a robot cannot, how it FEELS.

  • Ashutosh Dayal

    plz tell me the cpm frequency of diamana blue shaft

    • DevotedGolfer

      If I posted a number it would have very little meaning. CPM is subject to many factors, clamp position on the shaft, length from the clamp, amount of weight, and clamp pressure. You have not said which Diamana Blue, there are many now that the third generation is available. If you want to compare stiffness, look at the stiffness numbers of different shafts I put in the charts. It is in pounds of a 4″ deflection after a 1″ deflection preload. It is much easier to quantify and understand than frequency.

  • robert wille

    Have you tested the new Veylix shafts?

    • DevotedGolfer

      They are in the shop, the weather here in DFW is keeping me indoors so you will see the numbers soon and the hitting tests shortly after

  • Rick Talley

    I’m looking at the shaft profiles of the Matrix Reign HDZ and Project X HRZDUS yellow shafts, and they look very similar. Am I correct in that assessment?

    • Interesting observation. I would say the HDZ is a bit more like the Project X Loading Zone than the HZRDUS Yellow. The difference is in the butt sections, The butts of the Reign are much more conventional, going stiffer consistent up the shaft from the soft mid.

  • Rick Talley

    If you use a 1″ shaft extender in a driver shaft that was butt cut only. will it significantly change the profile of the shaft?