True Temper Dynamic Gold Pro Iron Shaft

True Temper DG Pro

DG Pro R300
DG Pro S300
DG Pro X100

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

DGProLabelsThe Dynamic Gold Pro iron shaft is now available to the public through True Temper Performance Fitting Centers.  Pro is a play on words, it is short for progressive.  In my golf vernacular the word flighted comes to mind to describe these shafts. But True Temper feels progressive is a better word to describe these sets of shafts.  They are sets. There are three different step patterns in each flex. The design promotes higher launch and spin on the long irons and lower launch and spin on the short irons.  There three step patterns in a set, 2-5, 6-8 and 9-W.  There is a unique design for the 9 iron and the wedge.  This is not always the case in many constant weight shaft sets.  These sets are not exactly constant weight. The weight of the raw shafts decrease slightly from 2 iron to wedge by around 6 grams.  I am told this was necessary to hit the bend profile targets.

The progressive design of these shafts came from tour experience. The modern ball is designed for low spin off of low lofted clubs. This carries over to long irons. Low spin is a benefit on clubs like drivers where the primary objective is distance. But on irons, where control, stability and stopping on impact is important, spin is the golfers friend. The design of the Dynamic Gold Pro “Progressive” is to make the long irons playable, add a little spin to the mid irons and keep the short irons much the same as the Dynamic Gold. We have not tested a set, but the bend profiles indicate a truly progressive set, shaft to shaft through out the set.

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The length of the tips, the distance between the tip and the first step are different in each flex design. That results in a different launch between the three designs. This, combined with making the softer flex models lighter is a great update to this iconic brand.

  • Ryan K

    How do these compare to the project x flighted? I see that the px 6.5 and dg pro x100 are quite comparable from one of your other posts. I actually believe you started they are nearly identical but in a stepped design. Does this mean the px flighted and dg pro are interchangeable? Do the s300 and 6.0 nearly equal one another as the x flexes do, and if not can the dg pro’s be soft/hardstepped to closely match? Thanks for posting all of these comparisons love checking them out!

    • Sorry, cannot answer that question, I have never profiled a set of the Project X flighted shafts. But your question is noted, I will ask for some review sets.

  • Timo


    What is the real difference DG PRO X100 and DG X100 shaft’s?

    Lower ballflight DG X100 than DG PRO X100 for example, Iron 4 and iron 5?

    Thank you

    • Timo,
      Sorry for the delayed reply. I have been very busy with a revision to my measuring techniques and software.
      The Pro is a progressive launch design. That means the flex differences within the set, the range of difference between the short iron shafts and the long iron shaft is greater. This will be explained in the review of another design. I will revisit this review some time soon and add that analytic view to better explain the concept. You should expect higher launch on the long irons and lower launch on the short irons.

  • Don

    Are the Dynamic Gold Pro shafts S300 similar in stiffness to the Callaway xp95’s

    • No. The weights are vastly different and stiffness is a function of weight.

  • ATLMetsfan

    Hi Russ,
    I’m a new member, you’ve done an awesome job with the site – unbelievable source here. So I picked half a set of these DG pros on the bay recently. Got a great deal and I wanted to give them a try. After checking on the TT site I discovered I got 3 “long iron” shafts and 2 with the mid iron geometry. I was hoping it’d be the other way around but the listing wasn’t specific so its fine. I have extra length to play with at the butt end – here’s my question, if I wanted to put the “long iron” shaft in my 6 iron and keep the ball flight as low as possible with that particular shaft should I tip it more or leave more length on the tip and trim the butt? I don’t want to move the already low bend point even lower by tipping it, but in the X100, which is what I have, it looks like the EI curve doesn’t really trough like the S300, so I might be able to tip it more to lower the ball flight? Thanks in advance.

    • These are taper tip shafts. They are not designed to be tipped, although you can get away with a little That being said, I don’t have any experience tipping these. If I wanted to adjust the stiffness and in the case of these, slightly alter the flighting I would be hard or soft stepping rather than tipping. if you want to bring the launch down, hard step, put the 7i shaft in the 6i. And to maintain consistency in the set, do that will all your irons. Consistency being the key in my advice to you.

      Thanks for supporting the site with your subscription.

  • Mouchosse

    Hi Russ,
    Thanks for your site ! At 55 years old, I want to play easier shafts to load. My very best sensation are with TT DG R300, and I tried them in the new AMT version. However, even if I have the best impact and trajectory I can with these sticks, they are still too heavy in the short iron. When tiring, I tend to a slight pull and slight draw. But I like the way the stiffness decrease progressively from the but to the tip
    Do you think the DG Pro could be a good alternative for me, as the concept looks like AMT, but lighter.
    Thank you
    Fabien (France)