Aldila RIP Nasty Long Golf Shaft Review

ALDILA RIP Phenom Nasty Long

By John Dranschak
Dead Solid Perfect Golf Clubs, Columbus, Ohio

AldilaPhenomNLImageLike many designs from Aldila, the Rip Phenom Nasty Long has profiles matched fit to the anticipated use of the shaft weight. The 60 gram version is a higher launching design than the 70 gram model. The design profile is similar to the RIP line and the RIP NV,where we see a reversal of the mid stiffness, compared to the original NV. However the Nasty long takes this to a new level, with the mid stiffness staying constant or slightly increasing from about 25″  to near 15″. This gives a much stiffer mid and upper tip section before declining again as it progressed toward the tip. AldilaNLEiGjTbAldilaNLDeflectionsRadial quality is excellent and is suitable for the popular adjustable drivers. The low torques of the Tour shafts provides good tip stability for higher swing speeds.  

Performance Testing


The  performance of the Aldila Phenom Nasty long was conducted using a Foresight Launch Monitor. Joe Stago, a PGA Professional at Golftec (Easton) in Columbus, OH hit the 60S and 70S versions of the shaft.  Joe’s comments follow:

AldilaNLDeflectionPhenom Nasty Long 60S – This shaft really performed well with my normal swing. It felt a little stiffer than the RIP NV, which feels good,  but it certainly gave me excellent performance. I like to hit a slight draw and I was able to hit that shot with little effort and it gave me the launch and spin I was looking for.

Phenom Nasty Long 70S – This shaft performed very well, but I had to work really hard to make it perform. I can make it work but it is probably a little too heavy for me with my normal swing. I prefer lighter feeling shafts and this would not be my first choice but it performed as well as the 60S, it just took a little more effort than I prefer.

  • Buz

    Hi John, great review of shafts. I ordered the new wilson staff m3 adjustable driver with the rip 60 nl option. It was between the rip phenom 50 stiff or the rip nl 60 stiff. I do like shafts that aren’t bordy but i struggle when the shaft is too wippy. Also my swing speed is around 92-98 mph give or take. My question is, did I make the right choice in shaft option? I feel I have a slow takeaway and a quick downswing. I also battle hooks at times. Will the NL help with that? Thanks for the review

    • Buz

      I think you made the right choice. The Phenom 50 Stiff is going to play a little softer than the rip NL 60. I have played the Phenom 50 R Flex and it felt good with my 80 mph driver swing speed, so if you are closer to 100 than 90 and have a strong transition move the NL is the better choice.

      With your swing speed you should be able to handle the NL but I wonder if the stiff might be a little too much. The NL seems to play on the stiff side. My pro Joe Stago who did the hitting for the review liked the NL Stiff and his swing speed was 105-110. A lot depends on how you load the shaft at the top and how late your release is. Joe has a smooth transition at the top so if you are quicker at the top you will load the shaft more and the stiff may be OK for you. Hope this helps.


  • John D.

  • Buz
    Thanks for the complement. I thought I answered your question but did not see my post. If you got my first message please disregard this one as it basically says the same thing.
    I think you ordered the right shaft (60 NL vs the Phenom 50). The Phenom 50 S would play softer than you probably would like. The only concern I have is that my PGA Pro, Joe Stago, tested these shafts with the S Flex and felt they were the correct flex for him. His SS was 107-110 with a smooth transition and very late release. The S flex might work if your transition from slow takeaway to quick downswing really loads the shaft at the top. If that is not the case then you might find the S Flex NL on the stiff side for your swing speed. If your SS is closer to 92 than 98, I would definitely suggest you try the R flex.
    Hope this helps.