KBS HiRev 2.0 and 610 Wedge Shaft Review

KBS Wedge Shafts
HiRev 2.0  &  610

By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

KBS Tour Wedges HiRev 2 Image

It is always a pleasure to spend time talking about shafts and fitting with Kim Braly. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. If you want to truly understand the two new wedge shafts from KBS watch the video embedded below. The short story is KBS has improved on the original Hi-Rev wedge shaft and introduced a new model.

The Hi-Rev 2.0 will replace the original KBS HiRev Wedge Shaft. The new design is a higher launching shaft that will create more spin. The illustration below shows the difference between the KBS HiRev and the KBS HiRev 2.0.  Butt to tip change in stiffness is higher in the new model. And additional loss of stiffness in the tip will create more launch and therefore more spin than the original HiRev design. If your club head speed does not generate enough spin, the HiRev 2.0 shaft will contribute to a higher launch wedge shot.

The 610 is modeled on last years Tour V design. A long stable butt section with a rapid loss of stiffness about 14″ from the tip. Tour testing has shown this design produces a lower, more penetrating ball flight. The softer tip will create enough spin to check the ball up without adding height to the shot with excessive spin. If you want to keep your wedge shots from getting blown around and you have the club head speed to spin the ball, you should test this design. The model name, 610, comes from the butt diameter. To create the design, butt diameter became a little larger as explained in the video.

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This interview was shot at the 2015 PGA Merchandise show. It is worth watching to listen to one of the most experienced club fitters of our time discuss club fitting.

  • gary smith6

    Hi Russell I have the KBS rev 2.0 in stiff flex in my wedges
    I love the weight, the load and the flight these shafts produce for me
    I would like to try a shaft in my Irons that is simular to this shaft in weight
    feel etc.
    Would there be anything that you could recommend looking at?

    • The KBS Tour and the KBS $-Taper will be good matches to the KBS HiRev. In fact, before the HiRev was available you could make one our of a KBS Tour by going up 1 weight/flex from the set and using the 8i shaft. This goes back to the days of Rifle Spinners.

  • HakanS

    Hello Russ,

    One thing that confuses or maybe i misunderstand. In this review you say the the 610 Wedge is lower launch option. As this is derived from the Tour V which is also a lower launch profile that would make sense to me. However in the previous Wedge review with the Tour, HiRev, CT and Tour V, you write the Tour V as a High launch, high spin shaft.

    What am I missing?


    • I looked at the Tour V review and did not see where I declared it high launch.
      Remember that launch is more affected by your relationship with the stiffness and weight of the shaft as much as by the shaft profile. And, the position of the club head in relation to your hands as noted by shaft lean at impact, will have a greater effect on launch than any shaft. That is, providing the weight of the club and stiffness of the shaft is in harmony with your skills and strength.
      LOL, if you understand all that, you are a skilled ball striker. I can change my launch angle by 4 to 5 degrees on a 6i based on how my hands are set through impact. However, as might be expected, my fit has been fine tuned through unlimited access to technology, training and golf gear.