ACCRA FX Driver Shaft Review

ACCRA FX Driver Shaft

By Woody Lashen Pete’s Golf, Mineola, New York


ACCRA introduced the FX product line in 2015. There are 4 versions, FX1, FX2, FX3 and FX4. The FX line of shafts replaces the Dymatch line for Accra.  Quality has always been excellent in Accra shafts and it moves to the top of the class with the FX line. The FX 200,300 and 400 are made in Japan in a small boutique manufacturing plant.  This divers line allows us to fit many different players in to the FX series.   Accra’s concept was to have one family of shafts but with 4 different profiles. With the FX 100 being the highest launching shaft, FX 200 mid launch, FX300 low launch and the FX 400 lowest.  (Note the 400 only comes in X flex).  Along with each profile there is Fairway woods and hybrid shafts designed to play the same as the driver shaft.  This is rare in the shaft industry; most shafts are designed for drivers only.  Accra found that on Tour it was rare for a player to use the same shaft in there fairway or hybrid as in there driver so they designed a shaft line that would allow the Fairway and hybrid shafts to feel and play the same as the driver.  They had great success with this technology in the Dymatch series and the FX picks up with they left off, but even better quality.

ACCRA FS1 EiGjTbThe ACCRA FX1 series is a high launch design. That can is seen in the tip to butt rations as well as in the calculated butt loaded deflection graphic show above. They are not as stiff as the FX2, 3 or 4 models, by design. Roundness, or radial consistency averaged 99.0% with a 0.6% standard deviation. Balance is neutral.

The 100 series fits best for slow to medium speeds and tempos.  With 3 weight options for the driver it covers a lot of players.

ACCRA FS234 EiTbMadeInJapanThe ACCRA FX2, FX3 and FX4 bear the notation Made in Japan. They follow the ACCRA CS1 as premier examples of how attention to detail will create shafts that are consistent and orderly progressions from weight to weigh and flex to flex. A golf club fitters dream set of shafts. Roundness of the review samples averaged 99.5% consistency with a 0,2% standard deviation. By design, they launch lower than the FX1 series.

As speed and tempo rise the 200 and 300 come more in to play or those needing medium launch.  The 400 is only for the rare player with high speed and tempo, however that player will really enjoy its stability.

Woody Lashen co-owner of Pete’s Golf talks with Gawain Robertson co-owner of Accra Golf shafts talk about the FX series shafts.