Aldila Rogue Elite Golf Driver Shaft Review

Aldila Rogue Elite Shaft Review, Green, Blue & Orange

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Golf Center at the Highlands, Carrollton Texas

The Aldila Rogue Elite Golf Shaft is a fitting series only available through Aldila Authorized Club Guilders. They are much the same design and material as the Aldila Rogue shafts. The difference is that each of the three shafts was designed for a specific launch propensity. The Aldila Tru-Fit System is a matrix of 18 shafts, 2 weights, 3 flexes and 3 launch designs.

Aldila offers a precision fitting guide with the system discussing each zone of the shaft as follows:
Tip Section = Launch   Stiffer = Higher Launch  –  Softer = Lower Launch
Mid Section = Spin   Stiffer = Lower Spin  –  Softer = Higher Spin
Butt Section = Feel  Stiffer = Stiffer Feel –  Softer = Softer Feel

Below each image are the zone stiffness numbers provided by Aldila

rogue-elite-green-imageAldila Rogue Elite Green   –   Low Launch Tip 9 – Mid 9 – Butt 5

rogue-elite-blue-imageAldila Rogue Elite Blue   –   Mid Launch Tip 8 – Mid 5 – Butt 9

rogue-elite-orange-image Aldila Rogue Elite Orange   –   Mid Launch Tip 7 – Mid 7 – Butt 7

Lets take a look at the EI profiles of these shafts and see how the Fit2Score measurements align with the Aldila numbers. 

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This is a great way for a shaft company to participate in the golf gear market that now focuses on fitting. There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the intent and design of driver shafts. It is good to have a shaft manufacturer guide the fitter and provide a designed fitting matrix. Nice work Aldila, thank you.

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