How many times have you heard it said that there is no standard rating system for golf shafts. When I entered the golf club fitting business over a decade ago I learned what a huge problem that for fitting golf clubs. Creating a uniform system was possible, it just had not been done. I learned what I could from golf shaft engineers, purchased the instruments that were available and invented what was not. It took a few years to refine the process and many, many years to acquire and measure the popular golf shafts. This site presents the knowledge of golf shafts that has not been shared by the shaft companies that have the data. Not all do, and many have purchased my EI instrument for their labs.

If you are new to this site, the technology menu is a collection of articles that will help you understanding golf shaft design and the attributes of the golf shaft that can be independently measured. My objective in creating this site is to balance the marketing messages of the golf business with some science. And ultimately to help you make better decisions when selecting your golf clubs.

It took years to understand shaft measurement and many more years to accumulate a meaningful database of shaft measurements. The magnitude of that accomplishment did not occur to me until a golf shaft company owner said it to me.

If you believe as I do that the golf shaft is essential to good golf, register now. Testing shafts and writing articles takes a great amount of time. The membership fee underwrites the time and resources needed to keep this site going and growing. It also funds the acquisition of shafts that have not been available. You will notice, this site is does not run ads, that allows me to remain unbiased in the articles.

If you are a golf professional and would like access to more data there are two choices. Golf Professional subscribers get access to a larger set of data and individual profiles of all the shaft model weights and stiffness variations that were made available. Fit2Score Affiliates have access to the entire database through Excel. To hear a recent podcast interview I did about golf shafts with Tony Wright, a Fit2Score Software Affiliate, Click Here.

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