LA GOLF DJ Signature Series Driver Golf Shaft Review

LA GOLF DJ Signature Series Driver Shaft Review

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Highlands Performance Golf Center, Carrollton Texas 
Golf Digest Certified America’s 100 Best Club Fitter

LA  Golf added a new partner recently, Dustin Johnson. He has play the same shaft for many years. He now has one of the top shaft designers that I know, Jeff Meyer, working with him developing and testing profiles made to the highest radial consistencies I see. The new materials allow for unique flag layouts resulting in smoother profiles. I publish smoothed profiles here and in the professional database. But while entering the data I see the raw data profiles. What I see in the DJ Signature Series smoothed curves is not much different than I see in the raw data graphs.

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