LAGolf TRONO Shaft Review

LAGolf TRONO Driver Shaft Review

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Club Maker
The Highlands Performance Golf Center, Carrollton Texas 
Golf Digest Certified America’s 100 Best Club Fitter

LAGolf Shafts is taking a new approach to the golf shaft business. Professional Golf playing partners participate in the design of their golf shafts. The LAGolf TRONO shaft is the first such shaft designed by Bryson DeChambeau and the LAGolf engineering team. it is unique as is Bryson DeChambeau. LAGolf is committed to being a different shaft company. The shafts will be designed in with playing partners and made in the USA. Many shafts today are made in offshore “foundries” that produce shafts for many brands. That probably accounts for much of the similarity I see in shafts across brands. Very few shafts are made in the USA. The shaft matching page of my software did not find a single match for the LAGolf Shafts TRONO.

The Trono is produced on a 16 sided mandrel. That is what the 16 on the label of the shaft indicates. Some might remember the unique Matrix HD shafts. Let’s look at this very unique golf shaft.

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