Mitsubishi MMT Taper Iron Golf Shaft Review

Mitsubishi MMT Constant Weight Taper Iron Golf Shaft Review

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Builder
The Highlands Performance Golf Center, Carrollton Texas 
Golf Digest Certified America’s 100 Best Club Fitter

We have seen carbon fiber shafts with outer wraps of stainless steel wire, here we have a shaft with in inner wrap. The Metal mesh technology is only in the tip of the shaft. This is not the first time Mitsubishi has integrated metal into their shaft prepreg. I have fond memories of the TINI wire used in the KuroKage shafts. Mitsubishi tells us the metal mesh added weight without having to add material which would have change the balance of the shafts. And like the TINI wire, the mesh adds a responsive straighten to the shaft. You will find the Mitsubishi MMT iron shafts offered as an upgrade by several of the major brands.

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