Oban Revenge Hybrid Golf Shaft Review

Oban Revenge Hybrid Golf Shaft

Kirk James & Mark Vallier, Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
MK Golf Technologies,San Antonio, Texas

Measurements: Russ Ryden, Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

Revenge Hybrid ImageThese Revenge hybrid shafts do produce impressive dispersion results in real world testing, especially for shafts in these weight categories. The flight is mid-high to high, but they do not balloon, even in the Texas wind. The use of ultra premium graphite materials ensures a consistent bend profile, better performance and consistent shots. The low torque provides very tight dispersion. The moderately softer tip and butt sections of this shaft provide a responsive feel that never seems boardy.

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These hybrid shafts are highly recommended for the player with a smooth tempo. I personally play the Revenge 65\04 in two hybrids, and I can honestly say I have never played a more consistent, better feeling, or better performing hybrid shaft. I am constantly amazed at how tight the dispersion is and how flat the trajectory is with a 67 gram hybrid shaft. Consider looking at the Revenge 85 if you are a stronger, slightly more aggressive swinger. This is a very impressive shaft from Oban, and definitely worth your consideration if looking for a hybrid shaft.


The radial integrity of the review samples was 98.6% with a 0.5% standard deviation. Hoop strength is high indicating very little ovaling is going to occur. Tip/Butt ratios were consistent throughout the range of weights and stiffness.They indicate a mid high launch propensity, decreasing with both weight and stiffness. You must remember, your personal experience will be how your speed and swing characteristics are matched to the weight and stiffness of these shafts. The tip torque numbers are impressive. Certainly not the lowest we have ever seen, but very respectable for shafts in this weight range. In our fitting experience, low tip torque hybrid shafts create tight dispersion groups.