True Temper XP115 Golf Shaft Review

True Temper XP 115 Iron Shaft


By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

A heavier model of the True Temper XP iron shafts was released in 2014. It joins the 95 and 105 gram versions reviewed earlier. I have been told an 85 gram version has been released in Asia and will likely become available in the US in 2015.

I have added new charts and expanded the measurements I am taking on shafts. The new Fit2Score instrument includes an appliance for measuring hoop strength. This is explained in an article in the technology section. The EI bend profiles show the shaft bend profile as a series of measurements of 10 inch sections of the shaft, in 1 inch increments. While this shows us a detailed view of the shaft and allows for comparison with other shafts it does not show how the shaft behaves when loaded. The deflection chart shown below uses the EI measurements with a load applied to the tip and butt of the shaft, illustrating how the shaft bends when loaded. This is a classical method for measuring shafts. It was done on a deflection board. With EI measurements we can do it with math and chart the results.

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The True Temper XP line of shafts solves a problem I have had with True Temper iron shafts. There simply were too many models for me to understand. Now, with a 95, 105 and 115 version of the same design we have a uniform set of weight and stiffness fitting options in the weight range that fits most golfers. If we look at a subset of this, the 95R, 105R, 105S, 115R and 115S we have a fitting matrix with nearly identical bend profiles. And that is a great mix of mid weight fitting options for a product that is available in many fitting carts.