UST Mamiya VTS Golf Shaft Review

UST Mamiya VTS Golf Shaft

VTS Red – High Torque
VTS Silver – Mid Torque
VTS Black – Low Torque

By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

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The UST VTS shaft is available in three torque versions in each weight and flex. An enormous number of options for a fitter. Several years of research at UST found the order of importance in shaft fitting to be tip stiffness, mid stiffness, torque and lastly butt stiffness. The VTS shafts allow the fitter to test three levels of torque in shafts with identical profiles. Traditional designs have higher torque in lighter, softer shafts and lower torque in heavy, stiff shafts.

The UST VTS technology is available in two versions The silver gray tour version, available only through UST TourSPX fitters is certified in the UST Fort Worth US headquarters. The parameters are recorded, a serial number is etched on the shaft and the parameters are kept on file at UST.

This is a mid launching shaft design. Some players with smooth release swing dynamics have found the higher torque VTS Red model generates higher head speeds. The more popular mid and low torque VTS Silver and VTS Black models introduce torque related feel as a fitting option.
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The VTS Black with tip torques of around 1.6 in the 70 and 80 gram models is a great fairway shaft.   The gradual loss of stiffness near the tip is good for tipping to control ball flight.