Aldila RIP Phenom Golf Shaft Review


By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas


The Aldila Phenom is a smoother version of the RIP Alpha. Like the RIP Alpha, the light version 50 gram model has a different profile than the 70 gram version. The butt stiffness of the 70 gram version is much stiffer that the 50 gram model. The torque ranges from 6.8 in the 50R to 4.1 in the 50g TX model. While that R flex number may seem high, the raw 46″ shaft actually weighs 47.6 grams and will build out at around 45 grams. One must be careful when looking at shaft labels on light weight shafts. The labels often understate the actual weights of the shafts. That is not the case with the Aldila Phenom. The RIP Phenom 70S torque is 3.4 and the Tour X is 2.9. The radial profiles are very good, the shaft can be installed in any orientation.

The balance point of the Aldila RIP Phenom moves toward the butt as the weight increases.  The 50g R is at 23″ and the 70g Tour X is at 25″.  This appears to be intentional as most other shafts from Aldila hold a consistent balance through weights and models.  This shafts is a mid-low launch design.  The Tour X designation on this shaft is new for Aldila.  That shaft is designed as the designation states, as a tour quality shaft.  The butt torque is 2.9, tip torque 2.1.  The EI profile is smoother, and by design, the butt is stiff.  The profile of the 70 Tour X is not that far from a Mitsubishi ‘ahina with half degree higher torque.  That small amount of torque difference will remove the sense of stiffness from this low launch design.