Fujikura Fuel Hybrid Shaft Review


By Kirk James & Mark Vallier, A Golf Digest America’s 100 Best Clubfitter
MK Golf Technologies,San Antonio, Texas


The Fujikura Fuel hybrid shaft utilizes the same Fuel technology found in the other driver and fairway shafts in the Fuel line of shafts. This technology results in an extremely stable feeling shaft at a fairly moderate price point. These shafts have the same tight, low launching characteristics of the other Fuel shafts that will generate greater distance and accuracy on a more consistent basis.

HB Fuel EiGjTb

The Fuel’s torque numbers shown above are very impressive for a moderately priced hybrid shaft. These torque numbers are very similar to steel, which in our fitting experience means lateral dispersion control. The design of this shaft creates a low boring trajectory with excellent lateral dispersion. It may feel slightly harsh for the slow to average swinger, but is an excellent choice for the stronger player that can load the shaft on the downswing. The Fuel hybrid shaft is highly recommended for the stronger player looking for a boring trajectory, good dispersion and a moderate price point.