Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore Driver Shaft Review

Fujikura Ventus Blue VeloCore Golf Shaft Review

By Russ Ryden, Fit2Score, A Dallas Fort Worth Club Fitter & Builder
The Highlands Performance Golf Center, Carrollton Texas 
Golf Digest Certified America’s 100 Best Club Fitter

The Fujikura Ventus model introduced VeloCore last year. It took some time before I acquired a comprehensive array of the shafts to measure. The current count on their website is 40 models. It takes me 20 minutes to do a full set of measurements of a shaft. To measure the full matrix of 40 shafts is a few days work in the shop. This and the next few reviews cover representative samples of the Ventus VeloCore driver shafts.

Lets start with what Fujikura tells us on their website and then look at how that translates into what the measurements so us.

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