Matrix Ozik Black, Red and White Tie Driver Shaft

Matrix Ozik Black Tie, Red Tie, White Tie

By Grant James, The Golf Doctor
Sydney Australia

Matrix Golf introduced the Ozik Black Tie, Ozik Red Tie and Ozik White Tie early 2013. The M3 Black Tie came first and it was met with instant success and popularity on the professional tours. A few months later the Red & White Tie series were introduced. Each shaft is marketed with different launch/spin characteristics:
Black Tie M3; low launch, low spin
Red Tie Q3; Mid launch, Mid spin
White Tie X3; High launch, Low spin

The Tie series incorporates many cutting edge golf shaft manufacturing processes, two of which I feel contribute to the performance benefits of the Matrix Tie series.

HD internal structure

Matrix uses 16 sided mandrels, the metal core around which the graphite sheets are wrapped during manufacturing. This creates a straighter structure than steel and in their testing transfers more feel to the golfer in the heavier shaft designs.

T T R Tip Torsional Resistance

My fitting experience has taught me the importance torque, especially tip torque in containing shot dispersion. The Ozik Tie series of shafts from Matrix has the necessary tip torque resistance.

Shaft to shaft, the EI Bend profiles are very contestant, which as a Club-Maker is something of very high importance to me. I can trust the shaft coming out of the bin is the same as the shaft I used during the fitting. had a chance to talk to Nathan Fritz, PGA Tour fitter for Matrix, at the 2013 Colonial and talk about the Ozik Tie series.

The charts below, show exception Radial Quality and Torque.

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The Tie Series is a fantastic product, they do what they say they will. Excellent shaft to shaft consistency, and a favorite in my fitting kit.